Monday Rambling

It was a long week last week going back to work. I don’t consider myself lazy at all, and yet, I dream of being a trophy wife.  No offense to trophy wives, if you are reading implying you might be lazy.

Not much going on here. So I shall ramble.

White Paint

I like white paint. My sister posted yesterday how she is getting a new washer/dryer and needs to paint the wall behind them, before they arrive. Painting to me is like the call of the wild. Things around my house call me to paint them white. (I had photos posted here and they were messing with me, so I took them down.)

White paint freshens my world. White paint takes the ordinary and makes it…white.

Painting (not artistic) (not faces) is something I love doing. My eyes scan my homestead on a weekly basis for something I can paint or re-paint.

Recently, I found a quote by a decorator that could be mine, “I believe in optimism and white paint.” (Can’t find the magazine source and author. It's here somewhere.) My belief is more on white paint than optimism, but let's keep them together.


I continue to clean, sort and purge stuff. However, I think my stuff is creeping back in when I’m not looking. Or--or, is my stuff multiplying, behind my back? I don’t know what’s happening.

This Week

I have a new post at the Ruralhood on thinking.

Wednesday, I will be inspired to talk about making decisions.

Friday on writing, I will share what I have learned from Christina’s Ghost by award winning author Betty Ren Wright. My daughter said I needed to read it and then she shivered. Somehow, the book left an impression on her all these years. Isn't that what you want your writing to do, leave an impression?

Question: What do you want your writing to mean to those who read it? (blog posts, poems, articles, novels, short stories, whatever that may be) Me? I want my readers to remember what I have written and...maybe shiver. 


  1. I think my stuff is multiplying, too! How does it do that!

    Anytime you feel the need to paint, please come by my house... :)

  2. I think when we remove stuff, its family and friends turn up to look for it. :) As for my writings, I hope that my love of books inspires someone to read a book that they might not otherwise do.

    BTW, when you finish painting at Elizabeth's you're more than welcome to come paint at my house.

    Thoughts in Progress

  3. I'm absolutely convinced our stuff reproduces the second we turn our backs.

    What impact do I want my writing to have? Hmm. That my readers see the world differently than they might otherwise, and it makes them think twice before rushing to judgment.

  4. Elizabeth and Mason, Whew, I guess I'm lucky to not live next door to you all, because I'm sure I would paint whatever you wanted. That's how crazy I am.

    Devon, I KNOW (about the stuff). I think there is reproduction going on. Can you spay and neuter stuff?

  5. First of all, I have been purging and yes, somehow, my junk sneaks behind my back into the house. How?

    In answer to your question: If someone someday can look at my book(s) and say it's touched them in some way, I think all the time and effort I've spent writing was worth it. Also, my son (15) recently wrote a play. I doubt he would have chose a writing life if it wasn't for me and I feel honored because he's an amazing writer.

  6. My stuff is inherited. It just came a callin and never left. :)

    As to my blog writing...I'm still searching for a voice but I would like to think it moves someone. Stirs a reason for action and occasionally makes them laugh.

    Nice rambling.

  7. I guess bottom line I want people to be entertained.

  8. Oh I just love the first part about trophy wives, I mean I read the rest but I couldnt get past how much I loved the first part :)


  9. Feel free to come over and paint the walls in my house anytime. (I might add a little color to the white, though.)

    At one time, I wanted to move people to tears (in a good way) with my writing. Now I just want them to log onto their Facebook and Twitter accounts and say: "Read this story by Kat Harris."

    Just kidding. (Although that would be nice.)

    I actually would like people to vicariously experience a situation at which they have previously looked down their nose and let go of their judgment of folks who find themselves in such a situation.

  10. I do my best to clean and purge my stuff but it doesn't seem I'm making a dent! A realtor once told me to pretend we're selling the house every 4-5 years and clear out the junk we would before a move and house showings. Yeah, well, easier said than done!

    I love to paint too and have painted every wall in this house but I have to have color. Nothing wild, just colors to warm it up.

    I think my blog writing shows that I love animals! :D

  11. I'm happy if a reader simply enjoys reading what I've written, whether it’s a blog, novel or short story, and wants to read more.

    I like white paint, too. I just wished I liked to paint...she thought glancing at the walls and feeling guilty.

  12. Hi Teresa .. having just moved and decluttered 50% - the rest got boxed! to be sorted anon .. just so much a girl can do ..

    But it's in the process of being sorted!

    My writing - I hope this coming year - I'll be able to develop this out and set the pattern for the future - offline and online .. as Alex says .. making people happy and wanting to come back for more ..

    Happy days .. Hilary

  13. I want my readers to feel hope, inspiration, beauty. Shivering would be nice, too.

  14. Teresa, your writing is very memorable.

    For me, now that I have a different blog that isn't about my profession, I feel more open to share my feelings and emotions.

  15. Yes do love your rambling...great post. I like white paint too :)

  16. I've been trying to get Live-In Handyman to paint two rooms for a year now. He paints well once he makes up his mind to do it - he doesn't like painting. I don't mind painting, but I get paint everywhere, so it's not a good thing when I do it. But I don't want white walls. I have white trim and I love it.

  17. Just so you all know because it is so important, I don't have white walls. I have yellow, bluish, green/blue and off white walls. But I do have pieces of furniture, doors, cabinets,fireplace I have painted white. See I knew you all wanted me to clear that up. :)

  18. I want my writing to give the reader pause, make them think, and yours!

  19. I love white! It's just so crisp and clean! Whenever I buy something at least one item leaves the house, I just don't give it a chance to clutter. Ya'll know I'm twisted (sick) like that!!! Heeehehehehe!

    When I write I want to glorify God by touching someones heart with humor and love. I always want that to shine through.

    My unpublished children's books start with a problem that is solved at the ending. (I really need to get back to submitting again.) It's so easy to get caught up in life and let things slide.

    God bless ya and have an incredible day!!!

  20. I love white paint! I have all my doors trim and baseboards painted a bright glossy white. The thing about white is, it looks so clean and fresh.



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