Why I think Blogging is like Truck Driving

Blogging is like trucking, or so I say.  I know nothing about trucking, but if I did, this is what I would tell you.

1. Trucks transport goods on our highways.
2. Truckers line up their trucks at their favorite truck stops.
3. Trucks throw tread all over the highway.
4. Trucks often have a sleeping area in the truck itself.
5. Truck drivers seem friendly…unless they're on the highway.
6. There are truckers to be trusted and there are those we should not trust.
7. Truck drivers know each other by their “handle”.

FYI: (According to Wise Geek, “A CB handle is a short but memorable nickname used by a citizen's band radio enthusiast while broadcasting.” Truck drivers that travel the same roads repeatedly come to recognize their fellow truckers by their handle. It becomes an individual “identity”. )

Are you dying to know how I could possibly compare blogging to trucking?

1. Like trucking, blogging transports information on the Internet highway.
2. Bloggers line up at their favorite blog stops to read each other’s posts. (Or is that just me?)
3. Bloggers throw stuff all over the Internet highway (and sometimes wish they could get it back).
4. If my blog had a sleeping area, I would leave it running and sleep in it just to be close to my blog. (I need therapy.)
5. Bloggers are a friendly bunch, mostly.
6. Some Bloggers (and their content) are to be trusted, and some are not—to be trusted. (I may need therapy, but I am amazingly deep.)
7. And last but not least, bloggers know each other by their blog name (or handle).

After blogging for one year and one month, I can see identity in the blog names and relate blogs to their owner... kind of like a “handle”.  (You don't see it?) I also see the Blogger's writing style, Good Buddy. 

That's it--why I think blogging is like truck driving. This is JW, over and out.

Have a great weekend and Happy Writing.


  1. Breaker, breaker Journaling Woman, I think you've got it all nailed down good buddy!

    Yep, sometimes ya run into trouble like a gator (blown tire) or a possum on the half shell(armadillo) but ya stick it in the middle and let it roll.

    So whether ya drive a parkin' lot (car carrier) or a grocery wagon (cold storage) ya pretty much go with the punches life hands ya and keep on truckin'!

    Great analogy of blogs and trucks girl. Did ya know we owned a truckin' business for years? I so enjoyed this.

    God bless and have a fantastic day...over and out! :o)

  2. Nezzy, I didn't know that and had I known would have come to you for clarity.

  3. Truckers throw tread all over the highway....You explore the trucker and blogger metaphor like a diesel engine. Well done.

  4. Damn, guess I skipped the handle part - I'm just Alex.

  5. I love #7! So true! I think of bloggers like that alot!!

  6. Lovely analogy!

    I started blogging in 2003, and, reading back over the archives, it's amazing how much has changed -- and how much hasn't!

  7. 10-4 Good Buddy!!! (Sorry, couldn't resist!)

    Well, you know me as CM, but, like you said, it's just a handle. Through our blogs, we've all gotten to know each other's lives, families, ups and downs, writing styles, ect. I think we all choose which bloggers we click with better and create our own little niche, if you will.

    So which truck stop are we meeting at today? :-) The coffee is on me!

  8. Oh, I forgot...I love that you found a picture of a PINK semi!!! Too cute!

  9. Haha cute. Don't worry! I see your comparison! I sure home I'm cuter than the stereotypical truck driver, though! We do transport information! I like that. Sometimes when I look at my statcounter results, I see that people have found my blog while looking for information -- maybe even support -- who would I be to not give it to them? Or to stop providing it?

  10. LOL, this is so good! You're absolutely right! It's amazing how writing and blogging can be compared to pretty much anything!

    Have a great weekend!!!

  11. I'm a trucker! Yah! Well, I've never heard the analogy before but I think it's awesome.


  12. That's great! Who'd have thought to compare two seemingly unrelated and totally different things, but you did it well!

  13. Great comparison. I totally get it. Especially the part about knowing each other by our "handle." Journaling Woman. This is Play off the Page, signing off!

  14. That's a big 10-4 from the Watery Tart!

    Very cute! Here's my trucker story: We moved across the country in 2000. I came out first (had a job to start). Hubby shipped the cats so I had company. then my mom brought the kids (they had school to start) then LAST my husband drove the moving truck with just our dog, Henry. Henry was a Dalmatian/lab mix--gorgeous and SWEET, and he woulnd't 'jump' (hip displasia fear, I think) So my husband, at EVERY stop would have to pick this 90 pound dog out of the cab, then back up INTO the cab. That is probably the fastest way you can make a bunch of trucker friends--he had a bunch of truckers that made friends with Henry and told him all the 'tricks' (speed traps, food deserts, etc) Very nice bunch, those truckers...

  15. I think you found a great comparison there.


    Thoughts in Progress

  16. Teresa, this is so cute. Copy? 40 and out.

  17. This was great! I always wanted to drive a big semi but I settled for blogging :D

    Sorry I'm a little behind with reading and commenting.
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  18. A comparison I would never have thought of, but you make it sound so logical I kind of want to go out and buy a CB radio!)

  19. Good analogy, is that the right word?

    Award for you at my place.

  20. Never thought of it quite like that but what a good analogy..:)

  21. Hi Teresa .. the only trouble is your sleep over truck point doesn't dish a lovely English breakfast over here?!

    Great thoughts though .. we are truck drivers! All sorts - little trucks, open trucks, sexy trucks, heavyweight trucks ..

    Reminds me of the song "Convoy" .. that came out (or was all the rage) when I was working for a small photographic 'place' in London and Mercedes trucks were the thing being photographed! That's where I learnt the words 'planned obsolescence' - seems an obscene phrase .. especially now: but I guess technology outgrows the old stuff ..

    Thanks - here's to your truck sleepover! Enjoy the weekend .. Hilary

  22. Great analogy!

    We really do get to know each others' writing styles and voices! I don't think published novels will be that big a surprise :)

  23. You certainly made that analogy work. Good one!

    Tossing It Out

  24. Beautiful list!

    > Truck drivers know each other by their “handle”.
    I like that lots ;)

  25. My hubby and I got some good laughs at this post!

  26. I never realized I had so much in common with truckers, ha ha!

  27. Great comparison, Teresa!
    Great list! Loved the last..Good Buddy! smiles. So true!

    B xx


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