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Growing up, I saw adults working at the same job or the same company all their life. Then, they either retired, or died, or both. That's how it was done, good or bad. It’s not so much that way any longer. People don't remain with companies for long periods of time, today,  for whatever reason. 

Maybe it's because I saw long term work ethics around me, or maybe it's because I don't like change, or maybe just maybe it's because I like the school district where I've been employed for almost 20 years, but I'm still there. I’ve worked in our tiny IT department for nine of those years and it's been my best growth years.  It's been rewarding. I'm a geek in my heart and brain and I wear the badge proudly. I love most technology and crave that knowledge. One of my favorite conferences was the MoreNet conference this last March where I sat next to...geniuses, I kid you not. And every day I get to work with two brilliant people.

But, sometimes you stop growing and you desire something new because you feel the death of your brain coming on and your soul is crying to do something else.

 Last year, I desperately needed a change and oh what a change it would be.  I interviewed for a social work position within the school district and although I was considered, my district said no. I was disappointed, but knew it wasn't God's timing. During the summer, a friend of mine resigned her position as another of our school social workers. A month or so ago, I interviewed for that position. I was offered the job. I took it.

Social work is something I've never done before except through internship and practicum. But it feels right and I'll get to work with students again.  Administration is confident I can do it. Others in the district believe I can. Down deep inside, I believe it. And really, have I ever taken a job and known how to do it right out of the gate. No and Never. I had to learn.

I'm willing.

It’s complicated, but I won’t be in the new job for a few more months. My tech job (not to make me sound important) is crucial to the district.  The transition must be as smooth and as painless as possible. It could mean money loss if it is not a good transition. I wouldn’t have it any other way, but to be a smooth. We hired someone to take my place, but they are employed within and can't leave their job until we find someone to fill their spot. Like I said, it's complicated.

I'm a little anxious. Maybe a lot.

Today, as I confess my new place in the work world, I want to encourage you. If you have been thinking of doing something far from your norm, why not? I'm not a jumper, I'm a tiptoer. I'm not saying in these economic times to jump without a net, but start looking outside the net.  It's possible something new is waiting for you that will be challenging and fulfilling.

Change whether good or bad always mean growth. I promise.



  1. What a wonderful post! I think you will be wonderful in your new position.

    I am craving change but do not know what...thirty-five years is too long in one profession.

    The right answer will come, I know it.

  2. Gail, The answer will come, just make sure you look around you (instead of down) and be open. Yay for you and 35 years. My mom was postmaster for 30!

  3. These major life changes are so stressful. Especially when you've been working in a field you know so well. However, I have confidence that you will succeed at whatever you put your mind to. Make sure you let us know how it goes.


  4. Great post! I loved, loved, loved reading it.
    I'm depending on you to brighten and add smile to the day! :)
    Thanks for the inspiration!

    Warm hugs,
    B xx

    P.S. Don't be anxious. I'm absolutely sure you will succeed in your new position. I believe in you, dear Teresa.

  5. I'm a tiptoer, too, so I get what you're saying. I like change, but am careful with just how and when it happens. Your change sounds perfect for you, expanding your horizons and thinking into this new arena. And the way everything is going digital, I wouldn't be surprised if your brought some of your tech wisdom to the new position, in some way, too :)

  6. Well Teresa....congratulation on your new position. Last year I could sense a reslessness within you and felt you were looking for something more fulfilling. I look forward to seeing that fulfilmint in your future blogs. Well done!

  7. Congratulations on your new job. It sounds like something you will not only enjoy, but do wonderful at. As for knowing how to do the job right, I think that's where your good heart, wonderful mind and inspiring soul will do its best work. Good luck.

    Me, I'm no so good with change. Been at the same job for 27 years (doing a few different things within that job, but still there).

    Thoughts in Progress

  8. A Change will do you good. Aren't those song lyrics? In any case, I hope it is all that you dreamed it would be and more. I'm willing to take a few more risks. Try something new, just not too fast!

  9. Great sentiment here Teresa. I'm working on that very thing, wish I knew where it was taking me :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  10. Teresa, so glad you are listening to your needs even though it is scary! I hope you have fun in your new job!
    I am lately a jumper. I am jumping from living in a house to living in an RV with four kids. Maybe I hit my head on something?

  11. Good for you girl. Ya saw the opened door and took a flyin' leap. So many miss out when the door is opened and just slam the dang thing shut!

    Yep, as retired Special Ed. I know how positions line up like real estate deals do in a school system. I know you'll be great and it sounds like the challenge will be a good move for you.

    God bless and have an extraordinary day sweetie!!!

  12. Clarissa,Thanks and I am sure I'll be crying on your shoulder. :)

    Betty, You are so sweet. Thanks for your support.

    Joanne, Yay, another tiptoer.

    White Dove, Long time no hear! I have been restless. Good observation.

    Mason, Twenty-seven years? I applaud you. You are quality!!

    Mary, Thanks for the support.

    Jules, My prayer for you is to find the right thing and fast. Keep looking in all places and be open to the new.

    Jema,Wow, that is a difference. I am sure you can do it well- RV-4 kiddos.

    Nezzy, I KNOW YOU know about school districts. They are there own breed of employment.

  13. May all the Dominoes fall at the right time!

  14. Good for you! A little anxiety is normal for change like this, but it sure seems like you made the perfect move. I'm looking forward to hearing how it all works out, and confident you'll find great rewards in your new job.

  15. Awesome, how exciting! You can do it. You're a natural.

  16. Social work...what a perfect fit for you! You will do awesome. You have a heart for it, I can tell :-)

    The timing of your post is so perfect for me. As of this Saturday, I'm being transferred from investigations to front line supervisor. I'm excited but yet so rusty at being front line, if you know what I mean. Reading this, I found encouragement. I don't like change either, but I know this is a good step for my career. Plus, I'm looking forward to the change in job duties. Thanks for this timely (it's a God thing I bet) post!

  17. Alex, Thanks. Do you mind if I control that fall?

    Deb, I am hoping and fairly confident (maybe, yes I did, maybe) that I made the right decision. :)

    Judy, Awww, thanks much.

    CM, YAY, I'm so happy for you! I say that about 95% of my day "It's a God thing." You will be great!

  18. I'm praying for you on your new job and opportunity! I also am not about change but being laid off and looking for work for literally 1 year and 7 months...I have learned that God intended for me to have some (Ha).
    You have so many blessings waiting for you I just feel it! You are a wonderful, caring, compassionate person and I see you really relating to the kids.
    I have an interview today so please pray for me as well!

  19. Teresa-I think it sounds like a FABULOUS growth opportunity. I get why it's nerve-wracking--it's been a while since you weren't expert in your day to day, but you will pick it up fast!

    I am a tip-toer, too, not necessarily by nature, but by an over-developed sense of responsibility--I never leave the thing behind until the NEXT thing is solidly in place and sufficient to hold up my household. My next big thing will be my writing, but until my income from that completely makes up for job, insurance and retirement, I will have to do both (so feasibly until retirement).

  20. Hart, Me too, responibility trumps freedom--darn it. YES, you got it I love being an expert not the newbie. :)

  21. It's so true how people used to work at the same job all their lives. My father basically did. I'd still be at my same job if it hadn't had shut down.

    Nowadays people are antsy and can't stay still as long. And companies change with great volatility than they used to.

    Change can be difficult, but it can be a very good thing as well. Good luck with yours.

    Tossing It Out

  22. Hi Teresa .. just sometimes we need a different path .. and I'm so pleased it's working out - but sounds like people needed for shoes that will be vacated!

    I'm sure it will all work out - you want to move on and learn, while yet you're holding your present job down ..as you don't want to let anyone in the District down.

    Everyone will appreciate the care you express through this transition ..

    Wonderfully exciting news .. have a great weekend .. Hilary

  23. I hope you love it!! I would enjoy that much more than a techie job but then I'm not a techie kind of person. Enjoy!


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