Monday, Really?

It's Monday again.

Wow, did I ever have a great Christmas celebration with the family. That family I bought on EBay was awesome! No really, they were AWESOME.  OK they were my regular family and awesome.

It began on Christmas Eve at my folks. Food and laughter.  Gifts. Christmas Day we were at my house with the folks, the sister, my daughter and we added my son and his family. The only one missing was my brother and his family. (If he’s watching this network, we missed him.)

We added to our Christmas celebration this year! Not a new recipe. Not a new ornament. Nope. We added my brand spanking new-nearly four-month-old grandson. He is so cute. He laughed and talked a lot of baby jabber. I’m not sure what he said, but I think it was something like, “Grandma, I don't know you very well, yet, but you seem amazing and quite young looking.”  That's what I think he said.

I want you to know, I failed a test on Christmas day. I put my seven-year-old granddaughter (clad in velvet) right next to me at the dinner table. Why? Because someone needs to keep an eye on me, that’s why. At one point, she says to me, “Whose birthday is it today?” I said (only because I had been cooking for HOURS and was under a lot of stress), “Nobody.” But then caught myself and said, Jesus. In my defense, when we are at my house for dinners it is usually because it’s someone’s birthday. That's my defense.

I knew the answer. But, she was not pleased.

Later, she said very seriously (and warning me in advance), “I’m going to ask you again, whose birthday is it?”

Finally, I passed the test, thank you very much.

My oldest grandsons came in with their new remote control cars and they were off and racing the entire time, only taking moments to eat a bit and open other presents. I did get hugs. Where do kids get their energy, cuz I want a cup full please?

Something happened that disturbed me and made my family (I believe) question again if I should be considered an adult and be living outside their supervision. My D-I-L opened the baby's gifts. One of his gifts from me was the cutest sleeper thingy. It had puppy heads, with ears that flopped, on the feet. She read on the tag to look on the back for more puppiness. Instead, when she flipped the sleeper over she found...stuck to the butt area...MY missing tape dispenser.

I looked for that dispenser for DAYS and couldn't find it. When my oldest grandson last week needed tape for something, I told him I must have used it all because I couldn't find it anywhere. 

Hmm, I had wrapped it in the baby's gift. How did I tape THAT gift, you might ask?

I'm talented. More so than anyone can imagine. And who's to say that I didn't intend to give the baby...tape.  Maybe I shouldn't be judged. Maybe.

Good news! I only hurt myself twice, once when I burned my hand in the oven (typical) and once when I was pulling one of my wing back chairs across the floor.  I ran over my little toe. The pain caused me to drop my head (face down) fast and hard on the back of the chair hitting the bridge of my nose.

It was a Three Stooge's moment with only one stooge.

My table is now empty. My house is a little too quiet. The million and one dishes that we used are washed.  I had a great time.

I can hear a brand New Year galloping toward me. I hope it's sturdy and pretty and tame. I will name it 2011, if all will agree.

Is anyone else (out there) a comedy act or is it just me? I want details.


  1. What a wonderfully delightful holiday!

    I can hear the laughter, fun and love in your words.

    I am a bit worried about you missing that and self-indulgence should cure that between now and the new year will cure that!

  2. Sounds like a lovely holiday filled with love and laughter, just the way it should be!

  3. I love a comedy act...yours is just fine for me! Thank you for the laughs this fine Monday morning! I certainly do appreciate it and will live vicariously through your hurts; I certainly don't NEED my toe run over by a chair to tell me I'm alert and awake...
    Be gentle and kind to yourself; in your defense, you've been under a great deal of stress. I too suffer from test anxiety :)

  4. Hehe, I don;t know what was my favorite part? I think the tape, sounds like something I would do but then I have had Stooge moments :)

    So glad you had such a blessed holiday.
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  5. You can safely call me Stooge #2. I laughed out loud causing the dogs to stare at me with cocked heads. I've so been there. I didn't have any 'moments' over the holiday though. Except one. Which I can't talk about here. I'm glad you enjoyed a wonderful Christmas.

  6. Sounds like your Christmas was wonderful. I'm sitting here laughing now thinking I could be Stooge #3. At least you remember where and when you burned your hand. I have a burn on my index finger that I can't for the life of me remember how or when I burned it. I'm guessing on the wood heater we have, but who knows.

    Thoughts in Progress

  7. This year my holiday calm and quiet. Yours made up for it! Hilarious! Ohhh, I hope you meant it to be. :o)

  8. Hi Teresa .. amazing what the little ones come up with .. please pay attention in future .. and now you've the younger version listening in already .. bet he's learning fast!

    Love the stories and the settings and delighted you had a wonderful time .. families are so important .. happy days ahead .. Hilary

  9. I love the tape dispenser story! I’m well-known for being a klutz, but I did make it through Christmas without a major incident.

  10. You're not alone - I'm the queen of burns and spills and slips. :)

    A new baby is the very best present of all!

  11. Sounds like a great deal of fun. I love being with family but I'm looking forward to getting back to my routine.

  12. I love this, JW! A little peek at a wonderful (and funny) day at your place. :)

    Happy New Year!

  13. Lol! I've missed your posts, Theresa! Alas, no comedy over here. Unless you include my temper tantrums that get greeted with an "Orly?!" look from hubby that says quite clearly I'm off my rocker. I fight my laughter, tell him I KNOW I'm being unreasonable, get that look again, then hid my mirth lest he stop (haha) taking me seriously. I suppose that isn't quite what you meant, though. ;-)

    Your holiday sounds wonderful. I think babies sometimes need tape. Although duct tape is better for world domination plans.

  14. Ah...what fun!Seasons Greetings from me to you!

  15. Heeehehehhee, girl, I adore the tape dispenser story!!! So, your one of those gals like me that accident just wait to pounce on.

    Sounds like your house was filled with everything ya needed for the perfect Christmas.

    Our big Christmas bash is Saturday. That's the day I could get everyone together and it's OK with me!

    God bless and have a fantastic week my friend!!!

  16. Welcome to the new grandson! And that 'wrapping the tape dispenser' is CLASSIC! I love it! (and love that you can laugh about it)

    Sounds like a great Christmas!

  17. Sounds like a wonderful Christmas! I miss that kind of zany chaos. I called my mom and got to hear the chaos I'm used to. My older sister had carpal tunnel surgery so her left arm is out of commission. Then, not listening to my little sister who told her there was a knife in the sink, she stuck her right hand in and sliced a nice cut on a few fingers, so she had bandages on the right hand. Funny thing, she's an RN.

    Hope your New Year's is full of as much love and laughter!

  18. I've never thought of giving a baby tape for Christmas. I'm still giggling. How DID you wrap it? Thanks for all your great stories, especially the humor, and best wishes in the new year!

  19. Me again. Dropping in to say Happy New Year!

  20. Happy New Year, Teresaaaa!!

    I wish you the best of everything that you so well deserve!

    Kisses and hugs to you.

    B xx

  21. Thank you for starting the first day of my new year with laughter. I'm not sure which is my favorite - the incorrect birthday answer or the lost tape dispenser. I hope your family (?) appreciates the wonder they have in you.

  22. Heehee! The tape dispenser made me laugh! Laughter is a great way to add to the holidays and every day for that matter! Hope you have a New Year filled with lots of laughter, love, and happiness!


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