Monday...before Christmas

A bit of Monday Rambling

If you haven't finished your shopping don't worry. You have five--sort of days left.

I am on my school break until January 3. Today, I'm catching up with an old friend. Then I'm going shopping for a few last minute things.


I rewrote the short story that came back with a note to rewrite. It should be in the hands of the magazine. I had three readers read it AFTER I had rewritten it to tell me where it needed help. I liken this to cleaning my house before my housekeeper comes to clean it. (No I don't have a housekeeper. It's on my wish list.) I didn't want them to weed through what I knew was wrong, so I cleaned it first.

The magazine may not publish the short, but rewriting is well...good practice, right? Plus, I've never had an editor to tell me to rewrite. No matter what, I appreciate the note of interest.

January 3, 2011

I will begin my social worker job January 3. I left my IT office Friday nearly empty of me. I will continue to train my replacement when needed. But, she's in good shape. So onward.

Friday, I was soooo sad. This is what I will miss about my IT job:

1. Seeing and playing with new technology.
2. Geek talk.
3. Being the expert.
4. Being called the “Tech Goddess”.
5. My two buddies of whom I’ve worked with longer than anyone…ever...who seem like family!
6. Seeing blank looks when I talk over people’s heads. Is that so wrong?
7. A technology conference at wonderful resort conference in March.

Well I've got to hit the road. I hope this isn't filled with errors, but I'm in a hurry.

Have a great Monday.


  1. Oh yes men do shop, I ran into a herd the other day :)

    Saying prayers for your re-submission.

    Happy Holidays
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  2. I hope your new job will be just as fulfilling!
    And I hope I don't look like that when shopping.

  3. When I used to work in retail, the majority of shoppers were men the last couple days before Christmas. Too funny!

    Good luck with your rewriting!

  4. Ahhh, but the biggest man stampede comes on Christmas Eve. I owned a clothing store for a bit, and every woman in town is..."about your size." Those returns were always a hoot!

    Your gonna enjoy your new position sweetie. Just think of the challenge.

    Best of luck on the rewrite...I've got a feelin'. Let us know.

    God bless and have a stupendous day girl!!! :o)

  5. Can't believe Christmas is almost here. Where did the time go? Hope you enjoy your new job even more than the old one. Have a great week.

    Thoughts in Progress

  6. Men are the best shoppers..that photo is really funny.
    I'm sure you're going to enjoy your new position, Teresa,
    and good luck on the re-submission.

    Ooh, we are in the 5day countdown to Xmas. I can't believe it.

    Big hugs!
    B xx

  7. You are so funny!! Teresa, you are just going through something like "wedding day jitters". You will be terrific! Once the wedding night is over you will be fine.

  8. Dear Teresa....just wanted to wish you a very happy Christmas and good luck with your new job. I hope to be back on the trail next year, but even though I've not been blogging, I've been reading and following....
    Take care and may we both have a great new year! xx

  9. YOU ARE AN amazing woman, and iam sure the offcie is also missing you but we all have great things and better things that we can look forward to "NOSTALGIA haa?

    All the bessssssssssst

  10. Well done on the rewrite process! I think it's GREAT you got the request, and you'll never be sorry for revising. Even if this editor still passes, you presumably have a cleaner product to try with again. HOPEFULLY though, you've found your spot!

    And your new job will have just as many fabulous things! Enjoy your break! (mine doesn't start until Thursday, so I'm jealous)

  11. Have fun with your friend and best of luck on your new job. It sounds like quite a change!

  12. PS Congrats on turning around the rewrite. Way to go!

  13. JW,
    I stopped by for a visit after being on Juels blog and though it would be nice to read. I was interested so I wanted to let you know...I look forward to reading more.
    Enjoy your days off from school and good luck with your new job!

  14. Men shop, just tends to be the day before.

  15. Merry Christmas! I'd forgotten about your new job. I KNOW you will love it!!


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