I couldn't post until now. Blogger wasn't being my friend last night or early this morn.

It snowed here last night. This morning it snowed heavier. Guess what? School was dismissed early. You know what that means? Yes, I came home early. It's still snowing, so I'm not sure about tomorrow.

Photo: I like my granddaughter's dollhouse doll because her hair reminds me of... my wild and crazy hair.  Just last night it looked like that when I talked to long to my daughter and instead of drying it to smooth it. The window of opportunity was lost.

At my new school there may be a not no secret-secret organization of snow dancers. Not slow dancers-snow dancers. If they are tired and need a day off (and it has to be winter), it is rumored there is a dance. I did ask to see it, but the person just grinned. If you've ever worked at a school in a region where inclement weather can mean a day off, then, you know what I mean. We will stand on one foot and hop to town--whatever it takes to get out early. However, I didn't know about the snow dance.

Oh and the kids were so happy and wired.

New Job

The new job is tough and I want to do a good job and I'm not.  That's all.

How's my writing going?

I've just about finished a story for kids--for a contest. It will go in the mail this week. And I started a fun story about a peculiar Romeo and Juliet theme. Ok it's bizarre, but it's a blast to write.

I have a weird imagination.

How is your imagination? On a weirdness scale of 1-5, five being over the top, how weird is your imagination?


  1. Do you have to ask about my imagination??? On a scale of 1 to 5, I would say mine is a seven!

    New Job: You want to do a good job...You will!!!! I am sure you already are and don't realize it.

    Where I work, no snow days...neither rain, nor sleet...

  2. I'm kind of liking your new doll-mascot. I laugh every time I see her!

    Okay so there's a snow dance, but here's the big question ... Are the grocery store shelves cleared of bread? Whenever they predict even 2 inches of snow here, there's a mad desperate run for bread. I just don't get it, I mean, it's snowing so let's make sandwiches? Hope you have a Snow Day tomorrow :)

  3. Ummm, do you equivocate creativity with imagination? I'm a 5 on creativity but as far as imaginative play and the like, not so much...
    we have ice here in NC, not much snow in our area but just enough to have an early out and a two hour delay...I can take that!

  4. Imagination scale I'd say a really warped 5. You see I keep imagining that doll sitting your lovely country kitchen screaming, "Chocolate" :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  5. We have snow AND ice where I live in NC.
    I'm just not that weird. 2? Maybe 3?

  6. I don't know about the snow dance, but somebody must have done something here in Georgia last night. We got between 6 and 8 inches of the stuff and a light mixture of ice on top of that. The way my front yard looks it will be here this time next week. As for weird, I thought that was a natural state of being for me. You may not think you're doing a good job on the new job, but I bet your are. You're just too hard on yourself.

    Thoughts in Progress

  7. Oh, Blogger drives me nuts sometimes!

    Inclement weather definitely closes school here! I bet the kids were so excited--mine were!

    Give yourself at least 3-4 months to grade yourself. School report cards come every quarter, right? Yours shouldn't come any earlier!

  8. Rain dancers, snow dancers, sun dancers -- yup.

    I bet you're doing a better job than you think. You're still settling in, and you've set the bar for yourself pretty high. You'll grow into it.

  9. I'm a 5, my kids will confirm.
    Give yourself some grace and time on the job. It takes a while to develop a new rhythm.
    Here in MN where the snow is piling up in feet, the roads are treacherous, and temps below zero - we still send'em to school. The boys are very irritated.
    Enjoy your snow days/dances!

  10. YAY for snow days! I wish I worked for a place that got them.. Well, we've HAD them, but it is REALLY rare. Hope you enjoy it!

    I hope the job smoothes out soon. And YAY for writing! My imagination isn't that wacky, but I make up for it with a really twisted perspective...

  11. What a cute post!
    I'm with Gail.
    I'm sure you already do a good job. Give yourself some time on job before you grade yourself.

    Love, love that doll.
    I want one like yours!!

    B xx

  12. Teresa,

    I am on the 2nd week of my new job. As you know up until now I was out of work for 1 year and 8 months. It's in Springfield, and on the other side of it so it takes me an hour each morning to get to work, and an hour to get back home. So 2 hours a day...everyday. Winter it not my friend. Funny how snow when you are a kid is so much fun, but as an adult well not so much. I cried and griped like the children of Israel the 1st week of the job because it's all new, new people, new place, long drive, and just scared silly. Then I decided to use all that driving time to talk to God, and pray more.
    My point is I'm like you. Adjustments...I'm not good at them. It's harder because I'm learning how to do it and so that means I get hard on myself and wonder if I'm smart enough to do it. I am, and just keep praying. You are smart enough too, and you will learn this new job. Don't give up! I'm praying for you, and keep me in your prayers too!


  13. Snow days are one of life's best gifts. Be patient with yourself and your new job - give it time. So cool about your writing.

    I used to tell my students that weirdness was wonderful and something to be sought and proud of. :-)

  14. Glad you are better.
    You WILL do great on the new job. Use the three-month rule. By that time, you will be running the place.
    Enjoy the snow!

  15. Hi Teresa .. it's just overload of new things .. and the weather 'do not help' one little bit!! I'm sure it's better almost another week has gone by - has the snow stopped?!

    I'm not sure I'm weird .. but everyone wonders where my ideas come from .. they're not weird are they? Just different thinking .. I'm not weird am I? - a weir wolf ... but that's not the right spelling is it?!

    Give up now .. hope life is fun during the weekend?! .. & happy story writing .... cheers Hilary


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