The Purrr-fect Life

Mason Canyon has a new cat tree. This is not a tree that grows cats, but a toy for her cats to climb on to have some feline fun.

It looks like fun.

For a moment or twenty (and because I think way too much) when I read her post, I wanted to be a cat and play on that tree. I even thought about what I might do with a tree like that. Then, being fed up with my thoughts running rampant, I asked my wondering mind, “Why…why would you like to play on that cat tree?” This is what I told me.

1. I’m jealous of cats that lay in high places--sunning.

2. I would like to bring out my claws occasionally and sprint up a cat tree.

3. I would like to be at the top and look down on the silly people and give a cat smirk.

4. I would like to go in the dark places and hide when life get’s stressful…you know when dogs try to rule.

5. I would like to see how long I could hang by my claws if I went over the edge.

6. I would take all my toys to the top of the cat tree away from the humans who want to steal them, just to put them back in the toy basket again.

7. And while I'm at the top, I would see if I could jump and hit the ceiling or—or aim for the ceiling fan.

8. I would like to jump down on a human head and innocently say, “Me-ouch, did I do that?”

9. Finally, I would sit on the highest shelf of the cat tree basking in the knowledge that humans only exist to serve the cat kingdom. 

I thought some more on having a cat's life: playing, sleeping for hours, having someone provide my every meal, and oozing indifference to humans. What a life!

Then, I decided I didn’t want to be a cat after all, I couldn’t handle the fur licking.


  1. The hairballs would be a definite minus, wouldn't they? Otherwise, I think cats have it made!

  2. Yes, that would be the bad side of it.

  3. I saw that cat tree over at Mason's. I still wonder if my cat would like one like that, or if she would look at it with one of those cat smirks, then sashay into her catbed. Hm.

  4. One of my best friends said she wants to come back in her next life as one of my cats!

  5. Thanks for the mention. You do have a point, cats rule. Other than the hairballs, it sounds like an easy life.

    Thoughts in Progress

  6. I think I'd be very content as a cat, hairballs or not... They can play or laze around as they like... though you'd need to wind up in the right household. There are a lot of cats out there that have to fend for themselves, and that wouldn't be so great.

  7. I love this! But you're right about the hairballs. Meow.

  8. The fur would be an issue, but I wouldn't want a diet of cat food - it never has chocolate in it: )

  9. HI T, the cat tree was so unusually unique to me.. well I have got cats since "ages" too tired of them now.. they have been giving my furniture always the RAW look.. have to c where can i get this from. thanks for the interesting post

  10. Hahaha! I love this! Oh the life...

  11. It's a little scary how very catlike you sound here. :-)

    I could probably deal with the fur licking - it's the other place that gets licked I'd have to draw the line at.

  12. Yep, as I was readin' I'm thinkin'...a cat's like would but great!!! Then ya hit me with a big old hairball....I think I'll stick to bein' Nezzy! :o)

    God bless you day sweetie. Gotta a shovel I can borrow??? Heeehehe!!!!

  13. Hi Teresa .. having inadvertently fast forwarded and seen your snow .. I think your idea of being a cat in the next life .. sounds a very good idea .. when the snow comes - you just curl up and sleep it away.

    I thought Mason's cat tree is great - talk about going to the Cat Toy Fair .. her kittens are some lucky animals ..

    Fur balls I'd cope with the rest and relaxation I'd get .. voluntary exercise when I felt like chasing something .. easy come and easy go - cheers - fun post .. Hilary


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