For some reason when I find out someone has died, I hold my breath for a moment. I'm not sure why. Maybe it's shock or grief or my way of honoring the wonder of life and death.

Even though I don't know you outside of cyberspace, my blogger friends, I care about you. How can I not care? Through your blog postings, I read about your successes, mishaps, frustrations, sometimes weariness, and often tidbits about life and family.

Today, I want to honor a fellow blogger.

Jane Kennedy Sutton, of Jane's Ride and author of The Ride, passed away May 6. I didn't know her in "real life" but I visited her blog and she mine. She always left wonderful comments and wrote informative posts. In March, she said she was taking a break so yesterday when I saw she had posted again, I felt glad and clicked over there. But, it wasn't Jane who posted, but her husband announcing her passing.

Just wanted you to know.

Just wanted to remind myself how precious life is and and fast it moves and how I need to relax and enjoy it.



  1. Oh, how very sorry I am to hear about our precious blogsister. My heart and prayers go out to her family.

    It amazes me how very involved we get in each others lives here in Blogland.

    Jane was truly an inspiration to us all.

    God bless you sweetie and have a peaceful day!

    BTW: How's things goin' on the job?

  2. So sad. I know, I kinda feel like I know people I've met through blogging and we all kind of build a friendship in a way.

  3. so sad...my thoughts and prayers go out to her family.

    it is always amazing to me, how there is such a bond between blogging friends in a way.

    blogging and friendship go hand in hand i would say.

    sending hugs, please have a peaceful day.

    betty xx

  4. What a shock, indeed. It's weird because we don't know these people in real life and they aren't in our physical community, we wouldn't read about their passing in the newspaper, or even hear about their illnesses at church or in the coffee shops. I think, what if someone just stopped posting, and we're left wondering.

  5. I was in shock yesterday when I found out. I scrapped my planned post for tomorrow to blog about what happened.

  6. It's sad. So, so sad. That's all I can say.

  7. I did not know Jane but the thought of her poor husband having to write that post broke my heart.

    To you my friend, my whole-hearted compassion right back at you.
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  8. I found out about Jane today too. I was so hoping she'd won her fight when she'd only mentioned it the once, but it was not to be. It's amazing and comforting to know how connected we are, even to people we only know through the magic of the internet.

  9. I'm so sorry for your loss. These virtual friendships are as real and powerful as many face to face ones, which makes the loss of one as painful as any loss of a good friend.

  10. Hi Teresa .. it is extremely sad .. but what an amazing her husband did in letting us know - and then a few bloggers handing the word out further ..

    These empathetic connections are so important .. Jane had made her way into many a bloggers' heart .. yours too .. thanks for this post - Hilary

  11. How very said and tragic - not that death is tragic, as it marks the beginning of a new life, but there is something about this fleeting time here that we cling to...My husband would never tell anyone anything. Hopefully my children would.


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