My children’s world, as children, was fairly protective. They depended on their dad and me to keep them safe, and, for the most part, we did. They had few worries unless they created them.

It was late spring and my son had just started walking when I decided to take him outside to play. I put him down in the grass and got ready to take pictures of him playing. But, he didn’t play. He became frightened of the grass and paralyzed with fear. He stood in the middle of the strange green monster that was (apparently) swallowing his feet and wailed. All the coaxing in the world (while snapping pictures of course) wouldn’t make him come to me. Fear had paralyzed my son.

Fear can be paralyzing.

Fear has its purpose in safeguarding, but a paralyzed life is stagnant and often vulnerable.

Scripture says that God didn’t give us a spirit of fear. Instead, he gave us His spirit where love, power and a sensible mind should override daily fears. “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” 2 Timothy 1:7 (KJV)

Praying for you to live a fearless week filled with peace.

~Journaling Woman


  1. If we're paralyzed, we're of no use to others, to ourself, or to God.
    But that is a funny story about your son and the grass.

  2. What a great post...I have a book who's title is "Face the Fear and do it Anyway" and so when I become paralyzed with fear as I often do because well, just because, I take a deep breath; announce my fear and ask God for strength and plunge ahead.
    Truth be told, and very few people know this, but I could be paralyzed by the fear of being in public. I could hide out in my house forever...so it takes a lot to even get up and go to work but I refuse to allow that fear to hide out. thank you so much for this post Teresa...seriously~

  3. Oh how I needed this reminder! My job has been crazy stressful and I find myself being so disheartened. This was perfect timing. I need to remember that as long as I'm doing His will, I am doing what is right. I need to remember to be fearless! Thank you!

    The grass...oh yes, my babies both freaked out the first time I set them out on it. I ended up using a blanket everytime we went outside and they never ventured off of it.

  4. My first born was terrified of a toy train he had as a child. His father was so disappointed that he was not enchanted. I had two upset males on my hands. :-)

    Fear can paralyze and stop us from reaching our potential. You are so right, and this is not want God intended for us.

  5. Fear, so powerful and real. My fear usually is rooted in my childhood fears.

    The fear of selling our home, living with the kids in an RV was like walking in concrete. The award has been life giving.

    Baby steps, literally. I can only look that far ahead!

  6. what a great reminder/post! thanks for sharing, my dearest!

    i could be paralyzed by fear if a person (in my family or a good friend) gets seriously very sick. it would kill me. truly.

    but thanks so much for this post...i need to remember to be fearless.


  7. It is so helpful to think of just taking a tiny step at a time, not to wonder/worry about the whole rest of the story.
    Great post and lovely blog!


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