Is this Weird?


My soil's pH is confused. It doesn't know which color of Hydrangea it prefers.

Me either.


I don’t know why I do it because mentally I'm insulted and emotionally I’m suffering. But, I’m weak and do it again and again. I look watch the Craigslist Pets section. I get angry and sad and other things. But one thing jumped out at me the other day—a trend that is puzzling.

One good thing about the pet listing is that you can post your lost pet and some are even found and returned. I was reading one of those ads when the light bulb came on. All over Southwest Missouri, Boxers (dogs) are jumping their fences. That in itself is not unusual, but lately with sooo many boxers escaping, I’m wondering….

Where have all the Boxers gone? (Imagine this question to the tune of Where have all the flowers gone? playing in the background. Just do it!)

The photos of the missing dogs look like happy well cared for dogs, so, why are they leaving? Are they Tweeting each other? Are they a part of a Flash Mob? Will they be dancing somewhere in unison? Are they meeting to protest? Are they planning a takeover of CL?

My beloved Boxer, Suki Aki (1990-2000), jumped the fence once and plowed through it once. But, the last time she did it, Suki immediately ran to the front door and knock on it (don’t ask me with what, but my mother-in-law heard her). She and my daughter let her back in.

Suki really didn’t want to leave home for good, now did she? Of course, she didn’t have a cell phone or a Twitter account or “things” might have been different.

Confused Hydrangea bushes and runnaway Boxers. It's weird. As my sister use to say, "Some things can be explained and some things can't."


  1. Your sister sounds like a wise woman (not as wise as you, but a close second). I'm reading a cozy mystery about dog nappings so you know where my mind immediately went.

    As for the Hydrangea bushes. My mother-in-law has a bush by a side door. It's a fairly large bush with beautiful blue blooms, except for one beautiful purple bloom. I'm like you - go figure.

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  2. I love hydrangeas, we have two bushes planted. There's something just so peacefully summer about them.

  3. beautiful post!

    i love hydrangeas bushes, i loved to have one or two of them in my garden.

    happy week ahead!

    betty xx

  4. LOL At least your dog came home--he knew a good thing:))

  5. I don't know about those flowers or the missing pets, but I've have been considering switching to boxers lately. Oh, wait, you were talking about something else?

    Tossing It Out

  6. Mason, I didn't think I was special, but it is an odd/beautiful site.
    Joanne, They do emit a peaceful easy feeling.
    Betty, This is my first.
    Alex, I think so.
    Terri, She was a smart cookie.
    Lee, I really expected this...from you. :)))

  7. Love the hydrangea!! :)

    Poor boxers - And now I've got a very weird image of a bazillion boxers doing a Who Let the Dogs Out flashmob in a mall...

  8. Maybe they're all escaping just to see if they can.

  9. Teresa, funny thing about your hydrangeas; I was writing an article about alum which is really not a spice but sold as one. In my fascinating research I learned that alum in the soil can change the color of your hydrangea. :-)

  10. This cracks me up. Your confused hydrangeas look like the ones in my side yard. The ones in back are beautifully blue.

    And the dog thing? My sheltie occasionally decides he needs to take a walk when I let him out in the middle of the night. He heads down the peninsula, does his rounds and ends up checking to make sure the neighbor's cocker didn't accidentally get left out back all night (never happened yet, but he needs to be sure) then he comes on home and apologizes. Mind you, I can be calling him and calling him the whole time. And 59 days out of 60, he goes out and does his business and comes right back. Go figure. (And yes, he hates pooping on the leash, which is why he prefers to use the yard in private. Not sure I blame him. :D)


  11. What a delightful combination of topics! And now I'm going to wonder about the mystery of Boxers jumping fences. :-)

  12. Hahaha...flash mob boxers! What a site that would be!

    I love boxers. We don't have any pets, but boxers are just so playful and loveable. Maybe some day, like when my boys can help with it.

    The clue, but they look pretty!

  13. Yes, yes it is. Sometimes I feel like the flowers, which color do I want to be?


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