The Living Dead

Dear Journal,

Know what? I forgot about the Cicadas. While mowing my .76 acres (or approximately ¾ of an acre) I like to mull over the stories that swim laps in my head. I would also like to listen to music, but the rider mower is too loud, so I think and plot.  

The other day while thinking and ploting,  I was interrupted by a Cicada jumping on my ball cap. My arms and one foot flailed about(without me screaming) and the Cicada left. My cap is green and looks worn; I bought it that way except for the sweat which has nothing to do with this post. Anyway, I had forgotten about them (the Cicadas) until one jumped on me. I prepared myself to go in the house saying phooey to keeping up with my neighbors’ yards.
Instead, I mowed on.
It wasn’t long after that another little sucker Cicada jumped on my face. I swear he was trying to kiss me. They’ve been away from society so long; I guess he just wanted a smooch. I do look pretty good in my ball cap, tank top and sunglasses. (Please never spy on me, because I might be lying.)

But, I’m not that kind of girl so I said to him NO, absolutely NOT—no kiss. You're too green and your eyes creep me out.  I pushed him off into the grass.
This is what happens when you’re a part of the living dead and you reenter society, you have no social graces.

No not me— the two Cicadas.
Thanks for listening!



  1. Isn't it strange how they come around for a short while and then they're gone for 13 years. Never understood it. Noisy little creatures too.

    Thoughts in Progress
    Freelance Editing By Mason

  2. Nothing like a spaz attack in the middle of mowing the lawn! We get them here, but I don't think I've seen a live one, just the dead, empty shells.

  3. Cicadas are so loud! My in-laws live deep in the woods and the cicadas are as loud as living in town. Though I think cicadas are a much more enjoyable sound!

  4. wow...I do not what it is called in my place, Kerala, India...

  5. LOL, shameless little cicadas, kissing on the fly. :) I haven't seen any here yet and honestly hope I don't. Ugly little smoochers :D
    Have a great kiss free weekend!
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  6. Guess you'll have some noisy evenings ahead. I understand that they're edible. Have you considered any new recipes?

    Tossing It Out

  7. Funny encounter with the bugs. Clearly, no social graces.

  8. Hi Teresa .. are they the ones that only come out once every 13 years .. or are there different varieties? At least you only had two .. and not a flock!! Have you done the lawn? and lots of thoughts here .. stories, food, kissing ... fun times?! Cheers Hilary


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