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Happy Birthday!
Today is the first birthday of my littlest grandson. He’s the spittin’ image of his dad, my son.
Happy Birthday, little one, you are a joy and sweeter than candy!!!

The second week of school was just as intense as the first two days. This was my first "first day of school days” in this position, so I didn’t know what to expect.
I still like the job. And my job is tons easier than social workers who work out in the field. And with budget cuts taking the wind out of the social services sail, more work piles on individuals who are the lowest on the totem pole, of course.
I count myself very blessed to be working as a school social worker.
Someone asked me why I would want to leave the world of technology to do the job of a social worker. I answered that it serves someone besides me. And if every job is easy-peasy then there will be no growth. Besides, someone needs to do the job.
Why not me?
The weekend
I wanted to go see my folks Friday night and take pizza for dinner. They live about 28 miles out in the country. When I told my daughter what I was planning, she asked if she could ride along. I convinced her to stay all night with me.  
My parents are awwwwwesome.
My sister brought her new collie puppies (six months old) and their mother to visit. They aren’t little anymore like this. One of the girls decided to use me as her doggy bed. I complied. They are beautiful, sweet and very well behaved. Now if we can get my sister trained….
Back home, my daughter and I read a journal that I gave her documenting about six months before she was born—1982.  It was funny, dramatic and sad at times.
Saturday we went to the library book store where we bought books for 50 cents each. Then we went to a flea market and a thrift store (benefiting a pet charity) in a nearby town and then back to my town and out in the country to a Mennonite own and operated store. I bought locally produced honey.
When we got back home, I put the baby down for a nap.
The End!
May your week be filled with the wonderful goodies of life!


  1. Sounds like a fantatic weekend, surrounded by those you love, what could be better than that?

  2. Glad you enjoyed the time with your parents and daughter. And that's an honorable reason for liking your job.

  3. WOWOW.. everything is b'ful here.. I like your answer for taking the JOB..haha.. teaching is a form of humanitarian work . love your job

  4. Oh, it sounds like a great time! (love those puppies) And happy birthday to your grandson!

    I think your job is so important--I'm glad you're enjoying it.

  5. Hi Teresa .. what a wonderful story .. Happy Birthday little one .. they are just adorable at that age - enjoy.

    School - so pleased you're still enjoying it and the giving back ..

    Your parents - how fabulous to see them with your daughter and sister .. and puppies et al.

    Then the morning mooching around enjoy a gentle shop and company of shopkeepers and family .. sounds just gorgeous.

    Have fun next weekend .. cheers Hilary

  6. I enjoyed your week -- a toddler, puppies and pizza, what's not to like?
    hanks for taking me along.

  7. How lovely that it all came together! That school is lucky to have you.

  8. Grandkids are such a joy. I was so happy to see mine last week when I visited Tennessee. My wife and I miss them so much and just talking on the phone to them is not enough.
    Your job situation is a fortunate one.

    Tossing It Out

  9. sounds like a blessed and wonderful weekend, teresa.

    surrounding by beloved ones is pure perfection!

    have a great long weekend!
    i've missed you/your posts.

    big hugs!
    betty xx

  10. Social workers in a school setting are essential to the emotional well being of our country so never underestimate what you are doing and your visit sounds like a wonderful love and fun filled time for all.


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