Something I learned last week...

My posting schedule is sooo off.  So, I might as well tell you something I learned last week just for the fun of it.

 Some people practice being human with grace and love and some people practice with meaningless activity.

I've heard it said, "practice makes perfect", but, we should be careful about what we practice to be.



  1. Hi Teresa .. life is life - a constant practice at something! So enjoy your posting schedule - seems fine to me (for a while!) .. enjoy the slow descent into Autumn ..

    Cheers Hilary

  2. We all must practice til we get it right.

    I'm here when you are.

  3. I keep practicing too Teresa....hope I get it right and it makes me a better person one day.

  4. I must admit, that made me stop and think how I practice being human. One word...hugs! That's how I practice being human! But only family and friends...the criminals I arrest probably wouldn't like it too much...LOL!

  5. Wow, that last thought is powerful. Too true.

  6. Wow. Thanks for the powerful message.


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