Nuggets of Learning

If we don’t learn something new every day then we’re not looking for those nuggets of information.

Some things I’ve learned in the last week:

1.      Together, my sister and I can load a chair in her pickup even though when I push she pulls and when she lifts, I’m setting it down.

2.      If you are going to have a CT scan and they ask you to list reactions you had the last time with Iodine, never ever offer the word tingling for a warm flush. Just saying, because if you do indicate one over the other, your entire appointment could be cancelled.

3.      You never get tired of hearing that you look too young to have a daughter who is 29. I didn’t mention my 34 year old son. He’s my secret. J

4.      A car engulfed in flames alongside the highway is very shocking to see.

5.      Spending time with my granddaughter confirmed what others tell me. She and I have so many things in common.

6.      Said Granddaughter is so intelligent, creative and funny, I can hardly endure the happiness this gives me.

7.      My older grandsons hug very tightly. I take this expression of affection as a humongous proportion of love.

8.      Thanksgiving dinner in America can mean anything: Hamburgers, Mexican and Chinese cuisine, barbecue or Turkey. Awesome!

9.      There are still too many hungry people in the world.  This includes children. This is a travesty.

Be thankful! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration, my wonderful blogger friends!


  1. You DON'T look old enough to have kids over thirty.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. You have much to be thankful for on your wonderful list ... Enjoy the holiday, wishing you many happy moments together with your family :)

  3. Alex, I'll pay you later for saying that, but the years are catching up with me.

    Joanne, And I wish you the same wonderful holiday with your family.

  4. You too! Enjoy that wonderful family.

  5. This is a beautiful post. I hope your granddaughter has a wonderful birthday.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. 'Just goes to show ya, you're stronger than ya think!!!

    I so understand the 'young' thang. My son who will be 37 next month gets very upset when asked if I'm his wife. Heeehehehe...I just giggle!

    Happy birthday to your little genius!

    Enjoy your day tomorrow sweetie!

  7. What a wonderful list you've compiled...I like the one about your grand daughter...I'm sure she's just like you!
    :) and yes, we are having pork roast and yorkshire pudding for Thanksgiving! ...because we can!

  8. Hi Teresa .. love your list and your granddaughter - can quite understand your sentiments .. I guess she's a chip off the old block?!?!

    Now I don't have kids, nor grandkids - so I'm very young .. but yet old .. my mother bless her - says you'll never grow old (as I creak around her bed, for getting for 5 years) .. you're hobbling around as though you're a double OAP .... who needs mothers?! (Old Age Pensioner) ...

    She makes me laugh though .. and we both laugh together ..

    Have fantastic time with family and friends - and Happy Birthday granddaughter too .. presents at Thanksgiving?! Lucky girl.

    Tracy says Roast Pork .. that does sound good! Lots of crackling - but I'd settle for Turkey .. than a normal day? Boo Hoo ... oh yes - I'm going to see The Help (film) this pm .. should be good ..

    Happy times Teresa .. I think I've rambled! Big blogosphere hugs coming over .. not nearly as good as grandsons' though ... cheers Hilary

  9. you're a great grandma!!

    warmest wishes for a happy thanksgiving!

  10. I hate to see hunger of any kind. Especially with kids. I've been to Mexico numerous times with our church and seen terrible terrible sights regarding hunger.

  11. Two of my kids are the same age as yours and I don't look a day over 35. However, I can't figure out why I always get the senior discount and don't even ask for it.

    Enjoy my delightful interview with Susan Kane on
    Wrote By Rote Saturday 11/26


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