I would like to ask you...
Who in the world would move furniture to the middle of a room, tape off the wood trim, lay down old sheets to protect the carpet and then after pouring paint in a tray, tip the can back too far and spill lots of paint on one of the sheets, then as it’s soaking through the sheet, step in it with her toes before running on the carpet to get plastic to slip under the wet sheet to save the carpet?  
Did you guess it was me?
If so, YOU win a prize: a freshly painted wall by me. No? You’re not going to take that chance?  You don't want your prize?
I don’t blame you. I don't trust me either.

Journaling (Painted) Woman

P.S. By the way, how do you get painted toe prints out of the carpet?

P.S.S. How was your weekend?


  1. Hi Yellow Lady .. you're not a Yellow Submarine are you .. perhaps that's what you need to come clean - a submerging?

    Sounds just way too awful .. I think I'd put my tootsies with yellow paint on across the rest of the carpet -it'd look pretty then!

    Sorreeeeee ... you had a stressful weekend - not very thankful was it.

    Mine was normal .. cheers and a big hug only if that paint has gone .. is the Atlantic yellow now? I must check the English Channel ...perhaps that's creamy too ... Happy week .. Hilary

  2. Oh the joys of painting ... But it's always worth it when the room is done and so freshly decorated. What color did you paint the walls?

  3. Your painting adventures! Well, you've made an imprint of yourself on the carpet. I had a great weekend with family, food, and fun.

  4. I once stepped off a ladder and directly into a five gallon bucket of paint. It was half full and I buried my foot up to my ankle in paint. Good thing no one was there to see it hahaha.

  5. Oh shoot, sorry. This sounds like something I would do. No matter what I am painting, I always end up with it in my hair, on my clothes, and in my socks. In my socks! How does that happen?

  6. Hi, Hilary, I survived. :)

    Joanne, a wonderful tan/off white.

    Mary, I will write a book someday about my perils.

    Stephen, Ha! I haven't done that, I think....

    Welcome Olene, me too, no matter how careful I think I am.

  7. I once was paintin' the trim 'round the ceiling of the dining room and I dropped the paint can. I immediately poured a bucket of water on it and used my carpet cleaner to suck it up. I kept repetin' the process till the water ran clear.

    It worked!!! Woohoo!!!

    Funny what we'll do durin' such a crises isn't it.

    Are the toe prints dry??? :o(

    God bless and enjoy that newly painted wall sweetie!

  8. I'd trust you to paint my walls because I bet you never make that mistake again!

  9. Nezzy, I did just that, poured water on the toe prints, and started dabbing. I think it will be ok. :(

    Alex, Haaaaaaa, I wish that were true. I seem to be a repeat offender. The bad thing is I don't think I'm going to like the color, but it will have to do for now.

  10. Hope you got all the paint out! It's much easier to do while wet than to wait after it dries. I know that from experience. Oh, it was just a little spot but still...


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