The Short Story Writer

You may be a short story writer if:

·         You’ve been diagnosed with Adult ADHD.

·         You only have 10 pieces of computer paper left and the nearest store is 30 miles away.

·         You’re a person of few words.

·         You like to love 'em then leave 'em.

·         You believe less is more.

Do you have anything to add while you’ve got my attention?


  1. Love these, Teresa! I'm a short story reader, but I haven't been happy with my efforts at writing them, so I won't call myself a short story writer. :) And I have attention issues, too!

  2. If you can squeeze a few pages out of a depleting ink cartridge.

    Which happened to me yesterday, and then I had to go to Staples :/

    I've never written a short story, but would like to try my hand at one some day.

  3. Very good. I wrote several short stories when I first started writing. I think they had been sitting in my head forever and needed to get out.

  4. Oops, I just may fill the bill here. We must be soul sisters....Heeehehehe!

    Yep, the brain never rests!

    God bless and have yourself a delightful weekend sweetie!!! :o)

  5. I'm a man of few words but somehow I always make a novel out of them.

  6. brilliant!

    i've always believed that "less is more!"
    you convey so much in your little words!!

  7. I've never been much of a short story reader. I like the longer novels, something I can really get into. That is now that my kids will play long enough that I can actually READ a book other than picture books! :-)

  8. ...if you don't like crowds of people. The best short stories have few characters.
    Great list!


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