Where is my humor?

I’m losing my ability to be funny, to feel funny, my—wit is being compromised because I’m too busy. I’m so busy I feel like I’m running a race with myself and I’m worried how that will end.
·         My day job bled into the night and early mornings last week with interviews for the vacant (other) social work position in our district. Did I tell you that I’m the only SWKR for the entire district right now—since October? Did I tell you that? Did I? I am.
·     Also the end of semester attendance review meeting ran into the evening as we saw students and parents.
·     There are grandkids Christmas programs, but those are the best.
·     After a CT scan I was diagnosed with Diverticulitis. Ouch.

So, I’m behind in all things known as life and holiday preparation and I'm not feeling my best.
I’m losing my humor, I tell ya.
Saturday, I bought three Christmas mugs with coffee and stuff for friends. I carried the mugs in bags to the car. I somehow-don’t know how-flipped one of the glass mugs out of the bag and onto the pavement and watched it rolled. It didn’t break. Another mug that was wrapped in paper hit “something” and broke.
I’m on my last nerve and my humor is waning.
Sunday I returned a coverlet to TJ Maxx. They no longer have a customer service desk (they told me this). No- no. I would need to stand in a long line of shoppers to return it. I did. When it was finally my turn, I put the packaged coverlet on the counter and gave the cashier my receipt. Her eyes became large and looked alarmed as she said loudly, “You’ll have to return this to Marshalls.” I stared at her for a few hours seconds trying to process what was happening then smiled and said, “I knew that.” I apologized and returned it to the correct store.
I’m losing my humor and my mind.
I have a million things to do. I can do it. I can do it. Breathe. Breathe. 

How are you all doing?


  1. Hi Teresa ... I'm feeling for you .. the ripples of pain and overwhelmedness are rippling across that pond. As you say Breathe .. Good Luck - just do what you can and absolutely no more .. I guess the dreaded D is because of the terrible S - for Stress.

    Look after yourself and a few big hugs from over here .. cheers Hilary

  2. Teresa--You know, these are the kinds of things that are only funny a couple of weeks later and not when they're happening! And Diverticulitis is never funny...hope you feel better soon. The TJ Maxx/Marshall's mix-up would be SO easy to do.

  3. One thing at a time, slow and steady. And don't forget to sneak in a coffee break here and there to make yourself just stop sometimes, and be in a quiet moment.

    (And I can't believe TJ eliminated their customer service counter? I don't get that thinking.)

  4. I crave a more simplistic life. I dream of a small Christmas with friends and family where no big gifts are expected. Just happy times.

  5. Sorry about the diagnosis. I don't know what that is, but I hope it's nothing too serious.

    Yes, I feel like I have no brain right now. I keep forgetting so many things. It must just be this time of year!

  6. Journaling, I'm sorry! It will all be over soon. A year from now, you'll read this and laugh. Hopefully.

  7. I had a bit of a panic attack Friday when I realized it was only 2 weeks then until Christmas. I'm making lists and checking them twice! Can't find some red bows I thought I had, can't find the florist wire I know I had, and I'm beginning to get just a little testy. Then, I just take a deep breath and tell myself it'll all get done somehow and I relax. Being on the computer reading blogs relaxes me! But I must get back to work.
    Sorry about the diverticulitis, hope you are feeling better soon!!

  8. Your humor seems to be in good form. However, you might be feeling a bit stressed. Remember, you don't have to do it all, and certainly not all at once.

  9. sorry to hear about the diagnosis.

    i'm with mary aalgaard, play off the page, your witty humour seems to be in good form.

    i feel you. all too often we let situations to overcome us...so much to do, especially this time of year.

    you don't have to do all at once.
    we all need to slow down sometimes.

    big hugs!

  10. Oh baby, your on brain and body overload. I had to laugh, it reminded me of a time that I wrote a check to Lowes and the clerk handed me the check back and said, "this is Home Depot!!!"

    God bless ya sweetie and this too will pass.

    If ya get a chance (like ya have nothin' to do) hop over for my giveaway. :o)

  11. Ouch, sorry.

    Hope you have a merry Christmas anyway. I'm sure things will slow down. The trouble with writing is that its the most therapuetic thing, but when you're very busy, you can't take part in the therapy. It's so backwards.

  12. I've been feeling kind of funny lately and not in a humorous way. I mean the T J Maxx story was, you gotta admit, kind of funny, excepting the time wasted. But I know what you mean, not in the same way, but in my own personal unhumorous way. 'taint funny at all but sometimes I've just got to laugh at the absurdity of it all, even if it's a silent laugh down inside of me.

    Hope it all gets better and you have a great Christmas.

    Tossing It Out

  13. On the plus side, things can only improve right? Sending you lots of positive vibes, just keep breathing...

  14. Sorry I'm 2 days late but I made it. I don't think you have lost a thing, that return of yours had me spitting liquid again. :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  15. I'm doing just about the same as you. Minus the diverticulitis. Ouch. And just yesterday another writer I know reminded me I had the same swamped problems last year and asked if I couldn't squeeze in just one hour of writing time a day.


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