A Snowy Monday

Not much going on but this:

1. It's a snow day here for the school. Believe it or not, I'm not a fan of them. Today, I will write and nap after I drink my two pot limit of coffee. Of course, I may have trouble napping after my coffee.

2.  I love and hate my Blogging from A-Z Challenge posts. I love them—well, because I hatched them and am watching them grow—slowly. I hate them because they won’t evolve into perfection. “Grow my children, take flight. Become what I think you can be.”

3. I watched the Star Trek movie (2009 I think) again and had forgotten about the action. Whoa. Give me a hand to hide my face behind. Oh wait, I used two.  I forgot that young Jim Kirk gets kicked off the U.S.S. Enterprise and podded to a frozen planet where he meets up with the "real" Spock. After he opens the pod ship he's in,  he gets chased by one creature that runs fast, looks kind of like a bird and has a beak. Jim runs.  The bird creatures gains on him then WHAM another much larger creature (dinosaur with ugly sucky face) kills the bird like creature. The chase is on again as sucky face creature chases Jim Kirk. He runs like he’s never ran before, or so I say. He barely escapes into a cave where Spock kills the creature. I want to write action like that.

4. I had a pizza night with my folks Friday. I always have the best time. If you want to know what perfect parents should be, go visit them. You can visit, but you can't stay. OK?  I got to see my dad's newest paintings, too.

5. I was turned down for adopting a rescue Brussels Griffon. I've always wanted one of the Ewok looking dogs. The lady I talked to said she'd rather the dog be adopted by someone who didn't work. I understand that. Really. The dog was a puppy mill dog and she needs a lot of reassurance. Besides, I think I want a puppy. I think. I can't seem to commit to finding a dog.

Those darn commitment issues.

Have a great Monday.



  1. I really liked the Star Trek reboot. I hope there's a another movie soon. Good luck adopting a dog!

  2. I can see by the "two pot" comment that you are a strong willed individual. As to the love/hate relationship with A-Z I hear you. I'm still plowing through the alphabet wondering what I've done to myself!

    Good luck on the dog adoption. Glad to hear there are responsible pet people who screen potential owners.

  3. We're havin' a true Missouri blizzard here today. More than a hundred schools were on the list.

    I never truly celebrated snow days when I was in the classroom. I'd rather have my free days durin' nice weather.

    God bless ya and have a great week!!!! :o)

  4. Now you're all ready for the next Star Trek movie!
    I knew there was something totally cool about you, Teresa. I admire a Star Trek-loving, God-loving person!

  5. hah, we were turned down in our wanting to adopt a rescue golden retirever. The woman didn't think we wanted it badly enough; really? oh well...and now Hurricane is here and as they say, the rest is history...
    Happy Valentine's Day!

  6. Hope the snow melts soon! We even had a wet snowflake or two here!

  7. Hi Teresa .. snow - thankfully ours has gone and it's positively balmy again!!

    Good for you re the A - Z - I've started .. and will add to them ..

    Star Trek - can't get my head round that .. I took my young brother in about 1971 or so to London to see Space Odyssey - I slept through it?!

    Fantastic you have such great parents .. and your Dad is still enjoying his time .. perhaps you can post some of his paintings for us to see?

    Sorry about your Brussels Griffon - love the name!! Hope your pup arrives soon .. perhaps the Summer Holidays if you have long ones?

    Cheers and Happy Valentine's Day or not! I shall be a 'not' .. but I'm comfortable! Hilary

  8. i am loving star trek!!
    and good luck on the dog adoption.

    happy valentine's day, dearest!


  9. My wife was off yesterday but not because of weather but because of a school holiday. We went to P.F. Chang's because she had a gift card. She doesn't like Chinese food--I love it. The restaurant is about 15 miles from us--right by Disneyland. Seemed like the right day to go.

    Perfection? I don't guess I'm overly concerned. Don't stress--you're not being graded. Then on the other hand in the public eye our blogs are being judged in some way and reflect us. Best face forward.

    Wrote By Rote
    An A to Z Co-host blog
    Twitter: @AprilA2Z

  10. I had considered BG and love those faces, but I did a lot of reading and they appear to be more stubborn than I am. Throw in a mix of abuse, it may have been the best decision.

    Shoulda got one of mine. People who did are calling back to get more...didn't have enough to go around!

  11. PS: The perfect dog will come at the perfect time! And, you will know, oh, you will know with your whole being that this is THE ONE.

  12. 1. HOLY COW blogspot sites aren't blocked any longer?! WOW and WOO HOO!

    2. So, I had to google, actually bing that dog. It's kind of ugly, in my opinion. If you end up with one you'll be like beauty and the beast (and you are the beauty, not the beast in case you were curious).


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