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A week ago because I’ve been absent…

I went to my 8-year-old granddaughter’s ballet/jazz/tap recital. She did an awesome job. She’s so beautiful. Really she is. Her picture was on the front page of our newspaper. She’s intelligent. Really she is. This little gal is the puttering of my heart. Her spirit is as true, honest and pure as they come.

I talked with my former in-laws at the recital (who lost their home and nearly their lives in the Leap Day Tornado). They are in their 80’s and doing well. They hope to move into their new home shortly.

I spent Mother’s Day with my mom and my daughter. My sister and daughter provided a delicious meal and dessert. My dad was there too. Then my son dropped by my house later to say hey. I feel very blessed.   

Last week was the last week of school. I’ll get a few days off then summer school will start. Then vacation. Yay.

Last week I watched…

The Help- Good movie but racism and oppression always disturbs me. I don’t like either. I have no patience for people who think they are better than another. Just saying.
Desperate Housewives- The End? OH NO! The show was so goofy and yet they pulled me in and held me hostage for a couple of years.
While I was absent this happened…

Clarissa Draper is working on making her A-Z posts into a book. (Me too, my A-Z posts not Clarissa’s into an e-Book.)

Tracy at My Thoughtful Spot is releasing her book Life Through the Eyes of a Hurricane as an e-Book.

What I am writing on…

ü  A little ole romance short story for my commitment to Write 1 Sub 1
ü  A children’s story about a backyard adventure
ü  Rewriting the Grim Tales of the Ruralhood adding and changing some things and finishing one that was continued. Speaking of the grim e-book, if anyone would be interested in helping me as a critiquer or beta reader (gratis) for the Grim Tales stories in the near future email me at tcoltrin AT gmail DOT com.  In case you didn’t read them during the A-Z April Challenge, the Grim Tales are 26 short stories.
ü  And FINALLY a new post at The Ruralhood.
Questions for you: Anything new and exciting in your life? Any children awesomeness? What are you writing on? What are you reading? What are you doing for goodness sake?


  1. Thanks for the newsy update! So glad to hear you're making an ebook from your A-Z!

    Your granddaughter sounds like a doll!

  2. I watched "The Help" in theaters and cried with everyone else in attendance. Great movie.

  3. Hi Teresa ... what a fantastic sounding family you have - and your granddaughter seems awesome - lots of talent there. Delighted to read you had such a good time ... and that your in-laws after Joplin are taking life pragmatically and will have their new home soon.

    Good - delighted that you're turning your tales into an ebook, as too Clarissa ..

    Happy Days - Hilary

  4. I love how you talk about your granddaughter--reminds me so much of my grandma who thought I was the best person at EVERYTHING. I think we all need someone who believes in us by that. And great to put your A to Z in book form! I love that idea for your story format. Good luck with it!

  5. What's new with me? Well, while you were gone, JW has decided to turn her awesome stories into a collection of shorts as well. Have you heard? I think it's awesome news. Can't wait to own the collection. Welcome back.

  6. awwww i would love to see my grand-daughters dance--i miss robyn's recitals---missed ya--sounds like you have been having a nice break!

  7. You're making your posts into a book? Excellent! Be sure to leave a comment on the A to Z Blog, because Lee wanted to know how many were doing that.
    Working on third and final book - at last! And playing lots of Diablo III. What can I say? I like slaying demons.

  8. I'm sure your granddaughter is just darling.

    I love the layout of your blog. Nice job.

  9. Lots going on with you. I've just been on vacation :)

  10. I'm happy to hear that a vacation is in your near future. Maybe you'll make it to the coast so you can take a swim in the ocean:)

    I love that you're putting your short stories in an e-book. They were awesome. Good luck.

  11. Awww, thanks for the shout-out T! That was a great surprise! :)
    I love 'The Help'...makes me want to stand up and cheer! glad to know that school is done and you can have some down time...and nope, you heard my 'newness' last week...pretty quiet this week!

  12. Great update sweetie. I always bowed outta summer school. I totally needed that full break to be fresh for the next year.

    Soybeans are in the ground...woohoo!!! The sorghum is bein' planted now. Calves need weanin' and cattle need sold. Grands are awesome and I'm told Camp Grandma may last ten days this year. (I never go over five but there's a mission trip for the parents.

    Oh...and I killed a copperhead in the yard tonight. Ewwwwww! (I have a snake killin' system) Heeehehehe!

    God bless ya sweet friend and have an awesome week! :o)

  13. What a good idea to make an e-book out of your A-Z posts. I'd never have thought of that...

  14. yaay! i'm excited to hear you're making an e-book from your a-z!!

    "the help" is one of my favourite movies of all time.
    glad to hear you had such a great time.

    have a great day, my dearest!


  15. Busy lady! I too hate racism and injustice of any kind. But the Help reinforced that determination to beat them in me. Glad you and Clarissa are publishing your A-Z posts, and I wish you every success.

  16. Under the banner of children awesomeness, mine are in the Nadadores Swim Club (they train Olympians) and doing swim lessons, working at getting up to par so they can join the swim team. Its a lot of work but they're up to the challenge.

  17. What a great idea, to make your A to Z stories into an e-book!
    Your granddaughter sounds like a sweetie-pie...


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