Remember those who have served and are serving our country.
Happy Memorial Day!
The United States of America is a wonderful place to live. We are a privileged and blessed country. Let’s not take for granted or be selfish about our freedom and human rights.  
Freedom is everything. Every person deserves to live free.
We need to thank and pray for our military who protect and serve, who leave their homes and families to serve our country to help us remain free. And they, the selfless, serve our country by helping other countries break free of those who oppress and hate.
Serving in the military reminds me of a Bible verse “Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.


  1. Amen! We still enjoy more freedoms here than any country in the world.

  2. Hi Teresa .. so true - many have laid down their lives for the freedom on our countries and the world ..

    With thoughts to us all - Hilary

  3. A wonderful tribute.

    I will not forget.

  4. Lovely post T- we are so blessed and often take it for granted, so thanks~
    Also, I love your blog below about character...I tell my son and my students that exact same's what you do when no one is looking :)

  5. I just realized that I dated a man who is in the military, and I forgot to thank him.

  6. That was a very nice tribute. Hope you had great day and will have another one today.

  7. Nice tribute, Theresa. I will never forget. My hubby is a Vietnam veteran and many other relatives have served our country.

  8. Thanks for this lovely post.

  9. Wonderful post. I'm proud to say my family is part of those who serve. I have awarded you Kreative Blogger. You can check it out at Creating Wordlenik to see what it's about.


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