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It’s Monday and I have this one and another Monday left before my summer break begins. I love working at a school, but working at one is intense and I need a break.
WARNING!! Grandkid Cuteness

My granddaughter told me the other day, as she was hugging the stuffing out of me, that I smelled like a flower. I told her she looked like a beautiful flower.


Last Friday was my first Friday’s Interesting People post and it was with Hart Johnson. Thanks to everyone for stopping by. And thanks to Hart for being the first! I learned new things about her.

Future FIPs (Tentative)
June 15- Mary Aalgaard, Piano teacher and freelance writer
June 22- Kit Grady Illustrator and author
June 29- Elizabeth Spann Craig, Author

You may remember, I’m editing my A-Z posts with the hopes I can make it into an eBook. Some of the changes I’ve made and things I've learned:

1.      Some stories are now longer.
2.      I didn’t like one of them The Good Bargain and wrote a new one. I like it much better.  
3.      The Wedding of Mrs. Fox, to be continued, now has an ending.
4.      I’ve added a bonus story called The Duration of Life. Staying true to my theme of using a Brothers Grimm title I chose this one. Then I dug out the tarantula story that I entered in some contest added a beginning and changed the ending and BAM a new story.  Sort of new.
The Ruralhood

Did you know that I have another blog? Have you ever wondered what I do over there? It’s not too sinister. I write memories from my childhood and eventually I’ll write some from adulthood, keeping my rural roots in mind.  Along the way, I’m learning from those memories about who I am and how I got here-- in this place.  It’s interesting.
The newest post, at The Ruralhood, is about a drive-in movie theater of my youth and not just any drive-in, but a unique one called the Autoscope. If you like movies, drive-ins, or people talking about the 70’s and you have a minute, go visit The Ruralhood.
Do you have more than one blog? Why? Do you have any child cuteness to report? Have you taken your vacation yet?


  1. Getting closer to summer break now...must feel good. And congrats on your progress with the ebook. Seeing a piece of writing with 'new' eyes makes the editing process move forward with ease. Have a good day :)

  2. You look too young to have grandchildren, Teresa!

    On Friday I baby-sat my 7-year-old nephew, who is my sister's son. And it seemed like every time I did something or said something in a certain way, he would shake his head and say, "You do that just like my mom. It's so weird." Or, "You make the same faces as my mom. Weird weird weird." Haha, it was so funny. My sister and I do look a lot alike especially when we're together, and I guess it does freak people out sometimes!

    Woohoo for summer!!!

  3. I'm making my A-Z into a book form as well. I think it's a great way to post and it means the hard work we put in for the month of April paid off.

  4. i have checked out your other blog before--so glad to know you have a post today--going there now!

  5. I didn't know about your other blog, will have to check it out. I don't have another blog, but have thought about it. I don't know if I want to invest the time, I must be slow because I have trouble keep up with the one I have!
    No kid-cuteness to report since I don't have grands, but I always have furbaby-cuteness to talk about! Does that count? :D
    And as to vacations, we haven't had ours yet. Hope to go out west again this fall. Unless we change our plans...the Smoky Mountains are calling my name!

  6. Hi Teresa .. great post - love your granddaughter's thoughts - my godson used to say - Hilly, you always smell so lovely - it's you.

    Your first interview with Hart was fascinating ..

    Great you've achieved some mini edits to your ebook .. I'll enjoy that ..

    Then a holiday - great news .. and yes I know of the Ruralhood .. how you do two blogs I'll never know ..

    Cheers Hilary

  7. Sweet granddaughter! I'm looking forward to being a FIP. :) And glad to hear the writing/editing is going well!

  8. What a sweetie of a granddaughter :)

    Only one blog, and I can barely keep up with that one. But I love it!

    Good going on your Grimm book! I'm glad Mrs. Fox has an ending :)

  9. I only have one blog, although I contribute to another sometimes. Had to smile at your grandkid cuteness. My grandson (4 yrs) is always making me laugh.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. It's great to meet you!

    Have a wonderful week,

  10. There's nothing quite like grandkid cuteness! :)

    I love the idea of you putting your A-Z stories into a book! Awesome :)

  11. Starting to think about a summer vacation but have no idea where. Maybe just long weekends, here and there. Nothing fancy.

  12. Sounds like you're busy, Teresa, and about ready for a break.

    I only have one's all I can manage.

    And vacation...ah, taking one next week. :)

  13. Nice to meet you! Enjoyed your cute kid story. I went to the zoo yesterday with my two girls (11 and 5 y/o), it poured, my 5 y/o's shoe fell apart, but we still had fun!

  14. Grandchildren? I agree you look too young!

    And I used to have more than one blog, but I just couldn't keep it up!

  15. Yay for granddaughter sweetness! And definitely good plans all around. I like your Ruralhood approach--a little self-exploration is always good.

  16. I love drive-ins. They are harder to find. Just recently, I was told about one in Sacramento. This weekend, I am driving out there. It's worth the drive.

  17. I guess you know I have 4 blogs and then contribute on the A to Z Blog.

    I've got lots of grandchildren cuteness to talk about but it would take too long here. I miss them so much since they are in NJ and I'm here in CA. That's not right.

    Decision made tonight. I didn't think we were doing a vacation this year, but now my wife has decided she wants to drive to Houston to see her daughter and then to Orlando to see her aunt and uncle. Over 3000 miles round trip, but we've got the time to do it as long as she's got the money.

    An A to Z Co-Host
    Tossing It Out


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