Monday Randomness

I’m officially on vacation. I slept eight hours last night. Two things that warrant applause, please. I haven’t slept eight full hours in a while. Good thing, too; I have lots going on this week.
Speaking of this week…
Two appliances are scheduled to be delivered. Does anyone else hate spending money on appliances? I would rather go on a genuine vacation somewhere exciting. My appliances still work, but are on their last mechanical leg.
I’m being real here when I say that I doubt the installation and hook-up will go smoothly since my house is old AND the last time I bought a refrigerator was 1988 and dishwasher 1984. I had to pay more for the frig (than I had budgeted) just to get it to (hopefully) go (please) inside the existing cabinet opening.
Now since I try to not let one day go by without applying Murphy’s Law to my life, I imagine tomorrow will supply many surprises of which I will melt down over.  Just warning you.
Grim Tales of the Ruralhood (potential eBook) is with a couple readers. I’d really like to find one more reader.
I finally had to write myself a letter AND send an email to encourage me to stop revising and get it out to the readers. I was a little obsessed. Sometimes you’ve got to let it go in order to go on. You can quote me on that.
There’s a psycho-thriller movie that I really like, that I think is brilliant, and it kept me guessing to the very end. I pride myself on figuring out who did it or ‘untwist” the twisted ending when I read a book or watch a movie. To see for myself what makes this movie tick, I started dissecting the movie last Friday keeping track of scenes, clues, red herrings, plot points and so on. It’s taking me some time. I'm learning from the process.
Last Weekend
 Over the weekend, my brother and his family were in from a foreign country—Illinois.
That'll be all, folks.
Your questions: Will my new appliances last as long as the last ones? Say yes. Do you have a movie or book that you think is brilliant? Have you ever been to the foreign land of Illinois?


  1. Yes, I have been to Illinois! California feels more like a foreign country to me though.
    And yes, we're due to replace our stove soon and I'll hate spending that money. It could be going towards a new guitar instead!

  2. Never been to Illinois. Would like to go. Question: What's the movie you were talking about?

  3. Alex, I've been to Illinois many times and lived there two separate times. I agree Californie sounds more foreign. :) Oh my goodness, I could buy the BEST guitar.

    Clarissa, Hide and Seek. I love that movie. Love it. Part of my love for it is (I think) that my daughter is a psychologist and the movie is definitely psychology. Plus, it fooled me.

  4. Hi,

    I'm in the UK, not been to Illinois, and can't recall seeing the movie Hide and Seek before.

    I shall look it out now as I've just watched the trailer on You tube. Very scary.

    Hope you get sorted out with your appliances without a hitch.

  5. Hide and seek is creepy- I saw Brave over the weekend- lots of funny parts. I hope your appliances stay working-

  6. Ugh on appliances. But I understand paying a bit extra to get the size you need on the fridge. I have a galley kitchen (not my favorite style) and space is premium. I measured and still had to take a cabinet out overhead so it would fit.

    I so want a dishwasher. Mine is done in. It runs just doesn't clean. So I'm the dishwasher right now. It's next on my list.

    Hey, me an Murphy dance frequently. I dance with him more than hubs, lol!

    Glad to hear the book is about ready to go into the wide world of readers--once you stop fiddling with it, lol!


  7. I have been there once but would love to visit a different area for a change.

  8. Never been to Illinois, but it sounds interesting. Hate having to buy new appliances - they never work quite as well as the ads make them sound. Enjoy your vacation.

    Thoughts in Progress

  9. i hope your appliances last a lifetime---i just replaced my stove, only because my son, got the latest model--so i got his--which is only 5 years old--it takes the place of my 1986 model:)

  10. Yes, because you ordered me to say that. No and no. I live a slow unexciting life.

  11. I've never had any luck with new appliances. The old ones lasted forever...the news ones always have some problem with them. I'm lucky I guess, lol ;)

  12. I hate spending all that on appliances. I bought a new stove recently with a convection oven. Sadly, it was a waste of the extra money. So frustrating!!! Hope all goes as well as possible!

  13. Buying new appliances is a major downer. They don't last as long these days. That is for sure.

  14. I know what you mean about spending money! It would be nice if it could be used for more fun a trip to Hawaii or something! :) Hope your new appliances last a very long time! I've been in a bit of that foreign land, Illinois. And, about the movie or book, can't think of one at the moment.

  15. Recently, I purchased a washing machine and refrigerator. I hate spending that kind of money, but once they are delivered and installed, I spend weeks proudly staring at them.

  16. glad to know that you've got a good night's sleep.

    i too hate spending money on appliances, hope all goes well with yours.

    have a great vacation, my fiend!


  17. I sure hope everything goes well with the new appliance. I'm glad you are enjoying your vacation and getting 8 hours of sleep. Sounds like you're getting a lot of good rest. Best wishes for a wonderful summer.

  18. I've been to Illinois once a long time ago. All I remember is stopping at an old general store type place in a tiny town called Pocahontas.

    Fingers crossed for your appliances :)

  19. New appliances can be exciting. I guess it depends on how much you like using them.

  20. Always good to get new appliances. I'm sure those will last longer :)Never been to Illinois. Would love to one of these days. :)


  21. When I went to Illinois I used my passport for ID. Nobody in Houston questioned it. My grandmother was born there and we have family there too.
    Hide and Seek is creepy. Primal Fear is pretty awesome, but read the book. The plot is so intricate.
    Yes, the appliances will last. Isn't that what you wanted to hear?

  22. Does California really seem that foreign? I assure you, we are not as different as we may seem. And yes, I have been to Illinois.

  23. Hi Teresa .. enjoy the vacation once those pesky mechanical frosty things are settled in an working .. hope all has gone well - as this is after the event.

    Excellent re the Ruralhood ..

    Don't like fearsome things!

    Does London count .. I went to find the gold the other day .. and I found a Big Top I want to visit .. that has a Lion, a Witch and a Wardrobe in it ...

    Lots going on in this little country of ours .. cheers Hilary

  24. I grew up in Michigan so yes I've been to Illinois many times. Beautiful rolling hills in the south. And I have many friends from Chicago.

    Enjoy the vacation!

  25. we need a new refrigerator...there is currently a whole roll of duct tape keeping the shelf attatched.


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