Random Thoughts a Sleeping

I don't have much to report today. My random thoughts are sleeping. However, we celebrated my daughter's birthday yesterday with family, food and fun.

My daughter is a gift. She is a Christian woman who loves God, cherishes family and friends and cares for her patients (she's a psychologist). And I'm not just saying this to get points, she is the absolute most thoughtful and caring daughter that the world has ever offered.

Tomorrow, I'll be joining the Crazy Cozy Blogfest featuring two authors Elizabeth Spann Craig and Hart Johnson's new books. Go here to read how you can be a part of promoting two great writers and have some fun too.  

Have a great Monday.



  1. Hope your daughter had a great birthday...she sounds like a wonderful person.

    Thanks so much for the mention! I'm looking forward to tomorrow. :)

  2. Sounds like her strong, awesome mother had a lot to do with that!

  3. Hope you have a great day! And happy birthday to your daughter.

  4. awww sounds like we have the same kind of daughter--happy birthday to your wonderful daughter!

  5. I still don't know what to do for that blogfest. Not sure what they even want. However, I'll see you tomorrow.

  6. Hey Teresa!
    Just dropping by to congratulate you for winning my blog giveaway!


  7. Happy Belated to your daughter. I'm not participating in the Blogfest, but it sounds like so much fun. I'm looking forward to reading entries :)

  8. Hi Teresa .. so pleased you had a happy day with your daughter for her birthday .. I'll be loitering around the blogfest .. way too much happening over here ..

    Cheers Hilary

  9. How lovely you feel so strongly about your daughter and shared it.

  10. "My daughter is a gift."

    Love that. :)


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