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Friday’s Interesting People

I’m having a blast with Friday’s Interesting People. Thanks so much for visiting and supporting me and those I feature.

Last Friday, I featured the wonderful Mary Aalgaard from Play off the Page.  This Friday, we’ll welcome illustrator and writer Kit Grady from Kit Grady Creations.  


This weekend my daughter and I were talking about blogging. I can’t remember exactly what we were talking about, but I said to her that Alex Cavanaugh is the nicest person I don’t know. We both laughed at my statement.  I explained that he’s kind, very supportive, and his blog is informative and reflects his tastes and character. He’s also an awesome writer. 

Our conversation brought to mind why I began blogging in 2009. I could have started earlier, but—well, I got in my own way again. Read on.  

A couple of years before I started blogging, I was ordered told by my daughter and sister (who blogged) that I should start and thereby hook up with writing blogs. They believed since I had “written” for years that I would enjoy blogging. I told them –no. Actually, I think my words were, “NO, I will NEVER blog.”   I dismissed the suggestion.

Fast forward to July 2009, I had cleared the cobwebs from my mind (vacation) and decided I would give it a chance. I would blog.

My first two posts were about an encounter with a plastic bag at the grocery store and heat stroke.  I didn’t have one comment, not one follower nor had I followed anyone. But, I was immediately hooked on posting. I wondered what had taken me so long.  I blame my family members for not being more persistent.  

Although my eclectic interests have led me to follow an assorted group of blogs, I WAS looking for writer blogs from the beginning. The first writer blog I found (and still learn from today) was Elizabeth Craig’s blog, Mystery Writing is Murder.  

Along the way, I’ve met so many incredible bloggers. I follow writers, those who are renovating something, shooting photographs, raising children, writing poetry, traveling in an RV, illustrating, painting canvas, living on farms, and so many others that I can’t mention them all.  (That reminds me I need to update my blogroll.) And this year the A to Z Challenge brought precious new bloggers to me.  What a great thing!

I think blogging rocks, but don’t tell my sister and daughter that I said that, OKAY? They don’t need to know about my happiness.  I mean how would you feel about being “bossed” into blogging?

Stephen Tremp Party

Breakthrough Breakout FREE Kindle Download Party!!!! All week Stephen Tremp will be handing out free downloads of his book. You can visit Stephen’s site for synopses and reviews at http://breakthroughblogs.blogspot.com and learn how to get your own download.  

Questions for you: When did you start blogging? Can you describe your blog in one sentence?


  1. Well, for me I am personally so glad you decided to blog, no matter how random - I love reading your posts.
    My blog in one sentence? Hmmm:
    "Random musings of a British expat the wrong side of 35 living in Athens, Greece"
    The fact 'Cairo' is in the title can be confusing I guess, but a read of my bio explains why.

    Great to have met you on the A-Z Challenge!


  2. I am so pleased that you did take to blogging or we would still be strangers.

  3. Thank you, Teresa!! I'm honored.
    I began blogging in November of 2009 and I WAS ordered by my publisher to start networking. They said to set up a website and start networking, so I did both with a blog. I think Elizabeth was one of the first people I found as well. And I found your blog not long afterwards! (Which I have always enjoyed, especially the Sunday posts.)
    My blog in one sentence? Movies, music, books, tech, and news from a geeky science fiction author.

  4. Thank you Teresa for the promo for Breakthrough! I really do appreciate it.

    I don;t have one sentence that describes my blog, although its a good idea to have one. Thanks. One more thing to do this week.

  5. Under the Tiki Hut is a blog for readers and writers to hang out and unwind.

    I also hate for others to tell me what to do :)

  6. Hi Teresa .. I'm so pleased you started blogging - and I must look at Mary's site; but I love your Ruralhood blog too ...

    So you have quite a writerly family .. sister and daughter and your father ...

    Great post here for Alex and Stephen .. and I love how you started - presumably anyone who can trip on air .. could post about plastic shopping bags ...

    And I agree with you re Elizabeth - actually this great blogging community .. and that A-Z lot too .. there's lots of them!

    "Conversation starters, inspirational stories, Hilary's take on history ... informative postings." Is that what I do - no idea?!

    Cheers Hilary

  7. I started blogging in 2009, I believe. Up until late last year, I had no followers, and three posts. Everything changed after I got the flu. With nothing to do but rest and spend time on my computer, I began to post on a regular basis.

  8. Ha! I was totally a hesitant blogger, too. I just didn't see the point until I actually had a BOOK and started doing some social networking and it looked like, at the time, blogging was a MUST if you were trying to get published and promote books, so I dived off. AFTER I started, I finally got it. (I found Elizabeth very early, too, though I begged a bunch of my friends to follow me right away)

  9. 2 of my crit buddies encouraged me to start a blog - even though I'd only ever read 2 posts! So I chose a pen name, started blogging & tweeting in the same afternoon - without a CLUE what I was doing :)

    Elizabeth was one fo the first writers I met online too :)

  10. teresa, i'm so happy to have met you through blogging, thanks to blogger, you're an amazing person, and talented too.

    i do really appreciate you.


  11. I began blogging and writing at the end of 2010/beginning 2011...
    I'm in transit... on a journey that never ends... a journey that focuses on writing and also meeting fellow travellers... and I've met you along the way... how wonderful is that!
    ... the destination is a bonus!

  12. I write an inspirational blog that supports the arts and artists. Oh, ya. Love to blog. Love that I found you so early in my blogging life. Love your FIP. Write on!

  13. I agree, Teresa. Blogging rocks. :)

  14. Thanks so much for the lovely mention and for being such a wonderful blog follower and friend through the years!

  15. I started blogging in 2007. One of my blogs the seeds4thoughts one centers on preventative health be it emotional, physical, spiritual or mental. The other one (hwj) is just kind of an overflow.

    This was a good question.


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