I apologize that I’m boring and have nothing new to share this Monday except…come back for the Friday’s Interesting People person on Friday. (Say that fast, I dare you.)  
Guess who will be here?
No REALLY guess.

Did you guess the one and only Alex J. Cavanaugh author of the Cassa series?

Well that’s who it is. Can’t wait? Good.

Come back and find out what he has to say.
In the meantime answer these questions for me: Do you have skinny or big hair (without product)? Do you think people argue about stupid things? Do you like your first name?


  1. Hi Teresa .. you mean Alex will have come out of his beach hut by then? To answer your questions .. skinny and v short to combat; yes; sometimes! I am happy though ..

    Cheers Hilary

  2. Looking forward to Friday!

    I have very, very skinny hair. People argue about dumb things all the time. And I do like my first name. :)

  3. Alex is most definitely an interesting person! :)

    My hair is ridiculously skinny! People arguing about dumb things drives me batty (especially if I get sucked into one of the arguments!). I like my first name too :)

  4. I love boring people. Sometimes I sit around with my boring friends and we just read or stare into space. Well, that is if I had friends to hang out with. Now we're all so old and boring we just stay at home with our boring selves.

    My hair is so skinny you can barely see it anymore. Yes, people usually argue about stupid things and a lot of times it's because they're not really listening to each other. Sure, my first name is a name with a fine tradition--oh, and it's not Arlee.

    Wrote By Rote

  5. Cool! Can't wait to read about Alex :)

    Super skinny hair even with product. Sigh. Hair From Hell.

    Whether the chair looks better on THIS wall or THAT wall isn't stupid. Is it? So I give this question a resounding YES!

    I never liked my name as a child or teen or even into my twenties. But over the years I guess maybe I either got used to it or grew into it.

  6. When you said: No REALLY guess then I knew it had to be Alex... right away!

    Skinny, limp, lifeless hair!Products don't really help, anyway...
    People always argue... everyone wants to be right...
    I like my first name... it's French and sounds soft on the ear!

  7. Looking forward to Alex's visit. As for your questions: skinny hair, people argue about the stupidest and craziest things, and I've come to like my (real) first name over the years. Have a great week.

    Thoughts in Progress

  8. Alex! Can't wait.

    My hair is flat and fine, but when it hits my ears, I have little wisps that poke up like flags. (I've been known to hoard Aqua Net to tame this problem.)

    I certainly think people argue about stupid things.

    And I'm indifferent to my first name.

    Fun questions. Have a great week!

  9. Looking forward to Alex's visit and where did those questions come from?
    :-) I have baby fine hair, yuk
    People argue over the stupidest things and I like my first name except people insist on calling me Judith. My birth name is Judy, and some people refuse to believe me. Now that IS stupid. lol

  10. I have very fine hair and have to use spray, which I hate and it looks like glue these days, to keep it in place.

    Yes, to second question.

    I guess I've gotten used to it after all these years, but it's not my favorite by any means. So many mispronounce it. They'll say something like "shurl" instead of "cher..yl." Ugh. I hated it when I was young and would ask my mother why she didn't name me something simple like Linda or Ann!

  11. hmmm--i guess i have kinda in between hair--it used to be very thick but age is thinning it----oh yes, people argue about stupid things all the time--especially my husband and i--we can start an argument about what the last commercial was really saying-----and i am not called by my first name which is patricia--i used to lament this fact but now i do not care--although i am not overly fond of lynn--great questions!

  12. I hope you had a great weekend. Oh, I love Alex's posts. I'll be back on Friday.

  13. I will come back friday for sure.

    Do you have skinny or big hair (without product)? My hair can get quite big down here in humid Mexico but right now I have a really short pixie cut so it doesn't really do anything.

    Do you think people argue about stupid things? What are you saying? Are you saying I like to argue!? Are you calling me a complainer!? Well, you don't know me at all! ;) Yes, I think so.

    Do you like your first name? Yes.


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