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Journaling Woman is still on a break, but TheRuralhood has a new post. I’m trying a new voice (style) over there, except, it’s not really new, but how I’ve always written. For some reason, I stopped writing in that style and my posts became more article like. Maybe it’s because I used to do technical writing or because I was trying to put my writing into a formula, I don’t know, but my posts on TR weren’t reading like “my voice”.  Now they'll (mostly) be story like.
I plan on posting once a week there if you’d like to visit (not sure what day yet.) I hope you’ll visit and enjoy this week’s story: A Good Deal. And, expect to see me again visiting your blogs. I just had to unplug a little for awhile.



  1. Hey Teresa! You were on my mind this morning.

  2. I completely undersatnd. I plan on taking a break from just blogging in Decmeber. However, I'll keep up with the reading though.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  3. I can relate. I unplugged for the better part of two months. Just had to take a break and catch up on life.

  4. I hope you're enjoying your blogging break!

  5. Hi Teresa .. don't blame you - hope you've enjoyed the time away .. and I'll be over to read your story - I was thinking about you and fairy tales - ah I know. I'll email you a link ..

    Cheers and have a happy weekend - Hilary

  6. Welcome back, missed you! I was hoping all was well with you.


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