Snow, Broadway and Writing

Can you believe it – another snow storm hit here last week? You can't? Well it did. And it snowed every day after that. Saturday was the first day it didn’t snow.
March is a transition month for me. I get hopeful that winter is ending as I daydream of spring and gardens.  Sometimes, I get a little ahead of myself and try wearing springish things while it’s still cold out. I get tempted to send my coats to the cleaners and all that. That’s the trouble I get into.
Saturday, my daughter invited me to a musical at the Juanita K. Hammons Hall for thePerforming Arts titled 100 Years of Broadway and created by Neil Berg. You heard me correctly, Broadway tunes in MO. It was two hours long, but felt like 15 minutes, if you know what I mean. So awesomely awesome.  Have I mentioned that I say awesome too much? And my daughter is sooooo good to me. She is awesome too.
One of the cast members graduated Evangel University. ME TOO! I've heard that ALL the greats go there.
The show made me think how music and story are entwined. Maybe that’s why I like music playing when I write.
What does it mean if you recognize and know most of the words to the musical numbers?   
I’m writing on…
the Mona book, but it’s idling. Last week, I decided I didn’t want her mom to be everything a mom should be. AND, I’ve changed my mind on the killer which wouldn’t be revealed in the first book because there needs to be more mayhem. AND now I’m thinking, there’s something up with her dead dad.  So, I may toss the whole thing in the ole’ Niangua (river). I'm frustrated.
the love (short) story. I have a market I want to try.
a children’s story. I don’t know where it came from, but just popped into my head.  It’s about Imogene, her habits and her stuffed bear, well – in my mind the bear looks like my bear of whom I still own and love, but no longer sleep with.  I promise I don't. But, I wouldn’t tell you if I did, but I don’t. No really, not since last week.
That's it. That's all,except, It's going to be difficult working a full week, just so you know.


  1. Hi Teresa .. your snow looks very pretty - but as you say totally irritating ... I hope the journey there are back to work won't be too difficult .. the yard and garden will be well watered though .. cheers Hilary

  2. Then of course I forgot your daughter's wonderful present .. sounds as though you had a lovely time .. and a generous daughter, yes. You'll be singing your way through the snow .. cheers again Hilary

  3. Look at all that snow!! We barely got any here. But that's okay. I'm ready for spring to just get here already!

  4. Yeah winter seems to want to stick indeed, and music can surely help a story, bringing it further glory

  5. We've barely seen snow twice here!
    And I always have music playing when I write.

  6. As I'm fond of saying, you all can have the snow....down here in Florida, I'm done with it! :)

    The musical sounds very cool and, while I'm not a huge fan of Broadway, they do have some great tunes.

  7. I encounter those writing surprises along the way, too. Spring has a firm foothold here in San Antonio - it was 34 yesterday morning, and today it's supposed to be 85.

  8. I envy your snow. I'd love to look out the window and see snow here. The world would probably stop in L.A. My mother said it snowed in East Tennessee Friday night but it was all melting away the next morning.

    Funny, but a while back an idea for a children's book popped into my head. Only got a bit done. I've got to get together with one of my artist daughters to see if we can brainstorm on something. Yeah, like I need another project to finish!

    Writers Workshop
    An A to Z Co-host blog

  9. Beautiful snow! But you may keep it there... :)

    The musical sounds wonderful!

    Good luck on your projects. I know what you mean about getting frustrated with a story! Just try to keep checking in with it...

  10. Just got 9 inches of snow here in Breckenridge, CO! Happy because this means something to ski on. I too have my favorite nappy, lost its eyes teddy bear...he had to stay in MN! I can't wait to read your children's story. :)

  11. That musical sounds awesome! I probably could have sung a lot of the songs with you! :)

    I've been slooooooow on my editing - gotta pick up speed!

  12. I'm hoping that some of this snow will leave this week with the warmer temps! Can't believe that we turn the clocks forward this coming weekend.

    Will we get to read some stories soon?

  13. i used to write children's stories too---i was thinking this morning of that---wow too much snow--but what a great daughter you have---sound like a fun musical :)

  14. Good luck with that children's book. Sounds like a great premise!

    The snow is beautiful. We seldom see it here, but we feel the chill coming off the surrounding mountains.

  15. The musical sounds like it was wonderful! I love it when you catch a show or play that is so good you're wishing for more!

    Good luck with your writing! I love the name Imogene :-)


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