Hello, it's Monday again!

I thought I should check in with you all. Eventually I will get back on my blogging schedule, but work has been busy and I’m brain deadish for posts.
I’ve had a revelation, though, that I wanted to share with you. I’ve decided I haven’t had a good decade since the 1980’s. Here’s why.
I can't sleep through the night. My eye sight and hearing are going. I have some stiff joints. I’m a slow runner. Oh wait, I’ve always been like that. And let’s just say goodbye to beauty and get her out the door. They have a name for those symptoms, but WE WILL NOT say it.
Yes, the 1980’s were about fakeness and fashion and BIG. It was great. I had everything I needed: big hair, big earrings, big bangs, big shoulder pads for the shoulderly challenged, good vision to read, AND I had Dallas and Dynasty (TV shows) to inspire me.
Those gals knew how to wear shoulder pads.
I feel inspired to write my own TV show. I'm calling it The Big Bangs Theory. It’s a show about a woman who wears large shoulder pads and big bangs in 2013, and her children try to theorize why. Finally, they attempt an intervention and hospitalize her. As with all good stories, there is a problem; her big bangs and big shoulders won’t fit through the doors. What WILL they do.
To be continued...
I have a creepy story for you.  YOU know how I over imagine everything? I think and I shouldn’t? But what would you think if while weed eating tall grass from around your air/heat unit, you find a pair of men’s sunglasses on the concrete slab beside the unit? They were a little dirty, but not faded. And I found something else. A rubbery, funnelly thing that I cannot identify.
Isn’t that creepy?
--Do they belong to my beloved son? Nope.
--Do they belong to his brother-in-law who rebuilt my deck in May? Nope.
--Do they belong to either man from two different companies who gave me window estimates?
I don’t know. I will  checking to see if they lost a pair of sunglasses and an unidentifiable funnelly thing.
After that, I’m dusting them for fingerprints.
Not really.
That’s all I have…except I’m writing a new short story. Kind of weird, but that’s what I like to write, right? Another story is leaving the nest and traveling to a contest. Wish me luck.
Questions for you. Are you old enough to remember big bangs?  What about Dallas or Dynasty? Have you ever found something on your property that doesn’t belong and makes you wonder?


  1. Hi Teresa .. good to read your words again and to hear those thoughts that rattle around in your head with your descriptions to match ... I can't say I have - but then my imagination doesn't run so wild.

    I do remember both Dallas and Dynasty though thankfully never got hooked ... and as I have a small head, with pixie hair .. now distinctly less - that's that really!

    Great hello it's Monday again .. it is today too -though we have a Bank Holiday .. last til Christmas ... we'll share your Thanksgiving!

    Cheers Hilary

  2. Oh, I had big bangs. AND shoulder pads! I actually miss shoulder pads since my shoulders are sort of droopy. Hope they make a comeback.

    Could they be the meter man's eyeglasses? Gas man's? No? A mystery! I love those. :)

  3. Mall hair and shoulder pads. Glad those things are gone.
    I'd want to know about the sunglasses but not the rubber thing...

  4. Ummmm kinda creepy with the rubber thing haha and yes age sucks, each year something new seems to crack that never did, blah

  5. Oh yes, I had all those big '80s things too. I never really watched the shows, but I definitely had shoulder pad envy.

    Best of luck with your story!

  6. Well, thanks for the blast from the past. The 80's did seem big in all things and I'm glad you had the fashion down pat. I wonder if hairspray shares went down after those BIG hairstyles vanished? They might be due for a comeback, so we should think about investing. :-)

  7. That series sounds really funny! Having a good set of shoulders myself, I don't miss the days of shoulder pads.

  8. Yes to big bangs and Dallas but not Dynasty. You can cut those shoulder pads out and they make cute little crafty angels.

    Good luck with your story although I don't think you will need it.

  9. The "rubbery funnely thing" is definitely disturbing. Never saw Dallas or Dynasty. The 80''s are when I basically stopped watching prime time TV. I was usually working in the evenings back then.

    Tossing It Out

  10. The glasses are definitely creepy!!

    I definitely remember the big bangs! I bet as a collective generation we used more hair spray than all other generations put together! Fun times :)

  11. I was in high school during the 80s and would so watch your new show. It'd be head and shoulder (pads) above all the 'reality' shows on today :)

  12. Oh, I definitely remember the 80's! You should have seen the size of my eyeglasses!
    As for finding odd things on our property. . .went out to our garage one day and penned up inside was a tame goose. Asked all the neighbors whose it was and no one knew!

  13. I don't want to find anyone's sunglasses near my window!! I hope they were near the meter and were the meter readers. I had a broken bench near my window and a flower pot. My home had been entered - creepy and frightening.

    I never had enough hair for big bangs - I wish. lol


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