Anxiety anyone?

When you’re anxious and you don’t even know it....
I’ve always prided myself on having low blood pressure—sometimes too low (no pride in that). I spent Friday going to one of my yearly doctors’ appointments. Everyone was new to me and normally I would hate that, but I was happy since I didn’t care AT ALL for the nurse practitioner or the regular nurse, of the past.
I felt okay and not AT ALL anxious. Well maybe a tiny bit. But the new nurse and I hit it off from the beginning (the nurse practitioner, too) until she took my B/P and then took it again.

“Do you normally have high blood pressure? It's 158/78,” the nurse said,
I shake my head no and say, “Not AT ALL. It’s normally lowish, or so I think.”
She said she thought that’s what she’d read in my record and that’s why she took it again.
Then new nurse started to talk about other things, but I didn't hear a word of it. I was thinking about how I would probably have a massive heart attack on the way back to my car—if I could even find car since my pressure was so high. I vowed (silently) to diet and exercise to save my life. Whatever it would take, I would do.
After the exam, it was decided that my blood pressure would be taken again before I left. It was 128/70. 
Now’s that’s anxiety and I didn't even know it. And the funny thing is, I've forgotten the exact promises I made to myself about dieting and exercising.

Probably the anxiety. 


  1. Wow, that's quite a difference. I guess when we deny anxiety, it still shows up somewhere.
    Glad you didn't pass out on the way to your car.

  2. Wow you really didn't want a doctors hand going up your ummm err hahaha but anxiety can stay hidden, even to ourselves

  3. That happened to me at my last appt too....she took my pressure and asked if I felt OK. I was scared when she told me the number. My doctor took it before I left and it was back to normal. Apparently when I presented my arm for the first test, I'd stretched it out too much and that made for a too-high reading. My doc said my arm wasn't relaxed enough the first time. Perhaps that's what happened to you?

  4. Hi Teresa .. I had a blip like that once - never found the reason .. and all well since ...

    So definitely 2nd goes (takes) are on the table ...

    Well glad they didn't have to pick you up off the car park ..

    Glad you're good to go ..........bye .. Hilary

  5. They call that white coat syndrome. Mine was super high when I went in for an exam, too. Stay healthy. Good for you in taking care of yourself!

  6. Like JoJo I had this happen to me. Once I relaxed my numbers were much better. I think a doctors office can be intimidating. Especially if it doesn't have windows and has cold white sterile walls.

  7. oh yeah, mine is always higher the first time i take my bp anywhere----and funny how the new normal levels are so much lower than before!


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