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"If it weren’t for chaos and anxiety caused by others, life would be peaceful, however, it is said that we are not an island." --Millie Vanilli Coltrin (2014)
Not much to report in my world, except these thoughts and a couple activities:

1. Spring is a temptress, luring you in with bursts of color. then fading right before your eyes. However, I captured my flowers bursting before they faded.

I wish you could see the purple petunias in the planters. They've grown since this photo was taken and are very pretty. Plus I planted another pot of (pink) petunias next to the rocker.. 

2. I must improve my mental and emotional health. With that, physical health will return. First on my list is to STOP letting others steal my peace.  (Sorry there's no photo of my mental health. It's better that way.)

 3. My brother and his family came visiting this weekend. Remember the little cowboy in Yesteryear and Sibs? He's all grown up now, and we had a nice visit. He seems to be finally accepting the birth of our little sister. I think.

 4. My granddaughter performed in another dance recital. She is darn talented and has my eyes. She doesn’t really look like this, but this definitely shows her fun-loving spirit.

5. Stop the presses! Millie GREW! She doesn’t feel heavier to me, but my sister with her postal scales, aided by my daughter the Frugal Shrink (because it takes two to round up Millie, I guess) weighed Millie. A couple of, or three weeks ago, she weighed 3.9 pounds. She now weighs 5 pounds 10 ounces. I'm so relieved because I figured I was killing her somehow.

6. I wrote first-drafts of three short stories in the last couple of weeks. Why so many? Once they knock at your brain's door, you really need to let them come inside to talk--even if it's crowded and your momma said, never talk to strangers.

 Hope your weekend was fabulous. Anything I should know?


  1. Just saw family for mother's day over the weekend, stressed out about money and talking more about getting hitched this summah.

  2. Let God be your Peace.
    Glad Millie is finally growing!

    1. Love the photo of your granddaughter. She has your fun-loving spirit. Millie will be a big dog before you know it. I can see she's getting the royal treatment with a velvet pillow to rest on, so cute.

  3. The flowers that I can see are gorgeous. Love Spring, but not a fan of the Pollen Count here in St. Louis.

    And that pic of your granddaughter is awesome!

  4. Let the stories flow. Glad the pup continues to grow

  5. Your yard is so pretty! And the granddaughter and pooch pretty fabulous, too. Sorry you're feeling out of sorts--hopefully flowers and sunshine will help improve things

  6. Yep there is one thing you should know - I so enjoy your blog. A touch of humor always and love seeing what you are into. The flowers are beautiful. I'm afraid my beautiful hanging basket with jeweled hanger - Mother's day gift just yesterday - took a beating from the heavy rains last night. Surely the sun will bring "her" back to life. Have a great day.

  7. Forgot to comment on the short stories. Cannot wait to read. I am a huge fan of short stories and they are the most fun for me to write. Hang in and finish so you can share or sell for us to enjoy!

  8. It's almost impossible to weigh my dog. They've said you can get on the scale with her and weigh, then weigh without her and subtract the difference. I need to try that because my mother-in-law said she looks fatter!

  9. Lovely flowers and your granddaughter's eyes fascinate me! Thanks for the laughter. That's always appreciated.

  10. Seems like others often do try to abscond with our peace, but the way I see it they can't really steal it unless we relinquish our hold on it. I try my best to see the most rational side of life and try to help if I can, but let go of those things other people just want to turn into a big life crisis.

    Keep writing. It's good therapy.

    A Few Words
    An A to Z Co-host blog

  11. Yay for Millie and your granddaughter! And I guess for your brother, too, LOL!

  12. Hi Teresa .. love the family photo and so pleased for Millie - well you actually .. she looks just fine! Happy Mother's Day .. cheers Hilary

  13. LOL, She has my eyes. Great list. Yes, body, mind and spirit are all linked. We all could use a little work.

  14. Your granddaughter's eyes certainly caught my imagination...great list by the way.

    All the best!

  15. i love these kinds of posts! your yard is gorgeous as your dear granddaughter :)

  16. You have to guard your peace. People and circumstances will rob you of it if you let them. And that's a might fine front yard you have there.

  17. Nice to see your talented granddaughter. Had a nice time with your family!

  18. good on you for jumping on those short stories while you had them...smiles, glad your pups is gaining weight too.
    its hard to come to terms with baby sisters. ha.
    i have one too.

  19. Yay for Millie and your dancing granddaughter! Boo for people who sabotage your mental health. Keep strong and cut the baddies out of your life.


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