Monday? So what?

I’m walking in the parking lot, from my car, and on my way into the supermarket when a blue and white electric car travels toward me. Maybe I was walking in its lane, maybe not, but I fight the impulse to laugh (but am certain I wore a smirk) at its smallness and cuteness. Then I realize it is heading straight at me.  Now I’m not sure whether I should be frightened at the tadpole of a car or angry,  but as par for course (because this is who I am) I stand my ground. Within a couple of feet of me, the car veers to my left and races (and I use the word races loosely) to the parking lot exit. As it passes me, I fight the impulse to kick that car over on its side. Would that have been so wrong?

I’m on vacation for a month.  I’m happy with this turn of events. I can’t afford to do anything fun, plus I have a new puppy, plus I need to help out with B, so going anywhere is out of the question.  I’ll stay at home and work on my house projects, writing projects—and Millie.

Speaking of Millie, she’s still a dork. Who knew that included in her Mal-Shi mix was dork, but she’s been doing better outside. She actually walks on her leash some, forgetting her collar at times.  However, she doesn’t like the monsters who live across the way in another fenced yard—the neighbor's barking dogs. She crawls behind my legs and hides me until I pull her up into my arms and she hides her face under my chin. (The monsters will never see her there.) Somehow I need to break it to her that she's—a dog and her barks are indeed doglike. Being an only dogchild is not "a good thing", Martha.

We have some work to do in July:
  • Learning that the out of doors is pottyland
  • Riding in the car is more than just about gagging
  • Playing outside is fun (and she'll have fun if it kills me)
  • And we must break the magical powers of the pink collar.
This week, my son B will go to therapy four days this week. Phew that will be tough. Friday is his birthday and we are super glad he is here to celebrate it.

Dear fellow Americans, Happy Fourth of July!!!! This is an awesome country to live in. To the rest of youin's, have a great week!


  1. Those smart cars are funny looking, but their drivers are serious about what they're doing.

  2. Teresa, I couldn't help but laugh imaging you standing your ground in the parking lot against the tiny car. Good for you! Sounds like you've got a busy month ahead of you. Happy early Birthday to B and in time Millie will show those neighbor monsters who's boss.

  3. Teresa vs. The Car :)

    Enjoy your vacation and Millie and your son. I just had a thought ... maybe Millie doesn't like pink. Or leather. Or maybe it's too heavy for her. Maybe a nylon collar would work better.

  4. Smart cars are dumb.
    Very glad your son will be here to celebrate his birthday! Tell him the fireworks are all for him.
    Keep working on Millie.

  5. lol yeah those cars you could kick over easily haha Millie will get there eventually, hopefully

  6. Millie will keep you in smiles all summer!! Dork = cute :)
    And I know you could have taken the car!

  7. HA!!!!!!! Of course you should've kicked it over!! And Millie is an adorable dork.

  8. Your son's bday is July 4th? that's so cool!!! Millie sounds almost as quirky as my Pepper! Silly doggies. Smart Cars are funny looking that's for sure! I saw a lot of them on Vancouver Island when I would visit.

  9. I think staying at home can be fun. I always can find something to do. Have a wonderful 4th!

    Tossing It Out

  10. The joys of puppy can never be underestimated. Here's to having fun come hell or high water.

  11. Sounds like a puppy to keep you entertained.

    So glad your son is improving.

  12. I would have loved to have been there should you have kicked the car to the curb! lol! And, yep, I would have thought of doing the same thing.
    I hope it doesn't take Millie too long to see things your way!
    Happy Birthday to your son on Friday, hope he gets along well with his therapy.
    Happy 4th to you!

  13. You are a busy girl! What a journey your son is on, that is intense therapy and my thoughts are with him and you.

  14. Hi Teresa .. I hope you achieve with Millie all you want this month - she'll get there .. bless her - but sounds a little messy along the way ..

    Good news about your son and his therapy .. as you say at least he's still with you for tomorrow .. have a peaceful 4th of July .. cheers Hilary

  15. Happy 4th of July! Busy month ahead bit I'm sure it'll be fun! :) Enjoy!

  16. Happy 4th! I hope your son's therapy goes well. As for the car incident, since I started working from home, I have less tolerance for crowds and traffic. I get so annoyed when cars don't yield to pedestrians. I don't care how much of a hurry you're in, it's not worth seriously injuring/killing a person with your car.

  17. so glad to hear the good news about your son and his therapy.

    happy 4th of july, teresa!



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