Seven things of Millie and Me

Seven things I’ve learned about myself while learning about Millie:
1) We both like treats! She will eat any human treat, if allowed. I will not eat her puppy treats.

2) Millie shakes like a Chihuahua when she is met with adversity; I just run the other way.

3) Millie will climb in the dishwasher to lick the dirty dishes clean; I will not. I just close the door, push the button on the machine and leave it to the dishwasher to lick the dishes clean.

4) Millie likes her belly rubbed, will tempt you to do so, then bite you. I don’t like my belly rubbed and will bite, if you try.
5) Neither of us like “talking” in the mornings. I drink coffee to wake up. She goes back to bed to wake up.

6) We both have short attention spans and will chase available butterflies, except, if Millie catches one, she will eat it. I will not. I promise.
7) She growls at strangers. ME TOO!

Hey who is that? Am I not enough puppy for this household?
What's your name? Let me help you down out of this chair.
You look like someone I know, but I just can't put my paw on it. May I chew on you until it comes to me? Yes? No? Say something!
I can't tell what's up or down with this dog, one big hairy mess. Gee I'm glad I don't look like that.
Yesterday, we celebrated my mom’s birthday even though her birthday was last week. My sister decided to play a prank on me with a stuff puppy she found that looks a bit like Millie. Millie was only impressed once she had her teeth on it.  

My son is still improving from his stroke. To say that he is night and day from May 30th is an understatement. He is still going to therapy 3-4 days a week. Prayers needed that his employer will keep his job open for him. Thanks for your thoughts, prayers and inquiries. I appreciate you all!


  1. That stuffed puppy is almost as cute as Millie!!!!!!

  2. Love the compare and contrast with your pooch! I hope your son's recovery continues to go well!

  3. Great news about your son!
    Really glad you don't like to lick dirty dishes in the dishwasher.

  4. Hi Teresa ... Millie and you - and now 'Stuff Puppy' - what's the big hairy mess going to be called?! Glad you're still having fun with her ..

    Sounds like your Mum's birthday was a happy family time ... Happy Birthday to her ..

    Thanks for the update on your son - I'm glad he is improving .. it's likely he'll make nearly a fully recovery ...

    I sure hope he can get back to his work when he's ready .. and not too early! With thoughts ... Hilary

  5. Praying for continued recovery and a kind boss. Love the photos of Millie and the comparisons had me laughing.

  6. Sending positive energy and prayers to your son. Your comparisions with Millie made me laugh. Glad that you don't eat butterflies or lick the dishes clean.

  7. lol not eating butterflies and not licking the dishes clean is a good thing

  8. Good news about your son! I will continue praying for him. Millie is a little doll and I'm happy to hear you don't eat butterflies like she does. lol!

  9. I've recently read a book called The Brain That Changes Itself: Stories of Personal Triumph from the Frontiers of Brain Science by Norman Doidge. It's amazing. One person mentioned in the book had a complete stroke and couldn't do anything. The doctors had even given up hope but because of something in our brains called neuro plasticity, the man had a complete recovery. I really recommend reading the book.
    Love to hear about your dog too!

  10. Happy to hear you don't crawl into the dishwasher or eat butterflies :)

    Millie is so adorable. I can see her wanting her tummy rubbed. Glad your son is still improving. Prayers will continue.

  11. She is the cutest pup in all the land!

  12. So sorry to hear about your son's stroke, glad to read that he's improving. You have my prayers and virtual hugs. Blessings to you. Snuggle the pups.

  13. You've made my day in so many ways: I applaud that you will not lick the dishes clean or follow Millie's example and eat butterflies. I also was heartened to learn of your son's continued improvement. May his boss be a kind, good person. That's what I'm thinking and sending out your way.


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