It rained buckets here last week. It's raining again, this morning. We need the rain, but not dispensed bucket style.  Now we flood. Flooding is not good.

My sister’s nightmare, week before last where lightening ran in on her house and fried nearly everything electric including wiring, continues as she discovers what appliances and electronics need replacing, picks out new things, waits on electricians and consoles pets that are now nervous of storms. Her search to replace the fried matter, in her house, has made me think about how fast technology changes and the trends. You know, what’s new out there in appliances, decorating, hair styles and even publishing. 
In fact, I just replaced my washer and dryer after twenty-three years. Guess what? Washers and dryers have come a long way, baby. They're all--sensitive like. Kind of touchy, feely.

This is what I read the other day about the newest kitchen trends, in case you were dying to know.

What’s out?
1.     They say that granite countertops are already looking dated.

2.      All wood-looking cabinets are out.
What’s in?
Countertops in marble is in. So is the old standby butcher block. OR you can mix the two. (What? Hey, I wouldn’t make that up.) And for you retro people, laminate countertops may just be returning with retro designs.

The cabinet trend is two-toned, as in tops and bottoms are different colors. (Not like when my gray hair makes an appearance next to my highly colored hair—not like that.) Also, open shelving is in, as well as, glass doors.
Tile anyone? Subway tile still holds out at #1. However, the new trend is dark grout (and no it doesn’t count if you spill coffee on the grout). If you still have square tiles, NO WORRIES, just re-grout with the dark or spill your coffee evenly.

Hardware and faucets? Brass is back. Think marble and brass, marble and brass, marble and brass.
Unless you’re psychic, and I’ve been accused of that, you can’t always predict trends. Except, and I almost promise this, what’s old will be new again with future generations. We can't ever leave out what's been tried and is true.

Trends are fun, but it’s more important to be true to yourself and not be a part of a trend unless you like it and it works for you.

And this brings me to writing.
I read an article, With Self-Publishing, We Control the Future of a Series, by Elizabeth Spann Craig. She seems to do both, tries new trends, but rarely dismisses the old way. One thing I admire is her dedication to her fans (readers). She had this book that was traditionally published, but it ended there, a series that the publisher wasn't going to publish.  Not so fast! Her readers wanted more—a series built around those characters, and that’s when she self-pubbed subsequent books as a series. Of course there was more to it, but she’d built a fan base, listened to her readers and hopped on the self-publishing train to give her readers a series.

EC said, “The future of my series depended on my readers and me.  It had nothing to do with what was hot, who wanted to contract books with elderly protagonists, or the rapidly changing editors at my publisher.  And that knowledge was empowering.”
Being flexible as a writer is a smart thing since the next best thing might be right around the corner and useful. However, staying true to your writing style and voice is important, even when you're writing a trendy plot  

This is my favorite line from E.C.'s article. “This is one reason why I feel strongly that this is the best time in history to be a writer.”
And that folks is why I’m hopeful as a writer. It is a great time in history to be a writer with all the different ways to get your writing out there.

Other links about writing trends:
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Is your kitchen outdated? J (Mine is) Is your hair styling? (Mine is) Do you think self publishing is just getting started or is there something new on the horizon? (Both) Did you miss that I didn't talk about life with Millie? (Not me. I'm trying to forget her. Not really.)

Source: The new Kitchen Top Trends by


  1. Elizabeth's article was great. She is so successful at what she does. And so smart.
    Half of my kitchen is in and half is out. Tile floors? Are they kidding? I like our new laminate. Looks like real wood but it's not. And easy to clean.

  2. My mom's kitchen has been 'out' for 40 years. Orange laminate counters, knotty pine cabinets with those black metal pointy hinges. Her stove is still working and that was purchased in the 60s. She's had to replace the fridge and dishwasher though.

  3. Some of my apartment is in it seems haha great advice in the article indeed

  4. That was another excellent article by Elizabeth - she's not only a fabulous writer, but so generous with her advice!!
    Hope your sister's place gets fixed up soon!!

  5. So on the decorating thing, you're saying if you keep stuff around long enough it comes back in? teehee--Man, I can't even IMAGINE your sister's nightmare. I hope her insurance was good--that could all add up REALLY fast!

    And Elizabeth has long been who I followed around trying to emulate--she is doing everything right, I think--a good role model.

  6. I'm not one to pay much attention to trends. I'd keep stuff forever if it didn't wear out. When it comes to replacing old stuff then I go for price and practicality above all.

    Helpful writing links. I'll check them out.

    Tossing It Out

  7. Elizabeth is just the best. Period. I agree with her that this is a great time to be a writer. We have real choices for the first time in many, many years.

    Sometimes I feel outdated from tip to toe, and other days I see something brand new and go, "Oh, I remember those!"

    Now, go give Millie a hug :)

  8. Hmm, two-toned cabinets. Interesting. And good luck with the rain!

    Sarah Allen
    (Writing Blog)

  9. Hi Teresa .. gosh your poor sister has a ghastly job - not fun and always a shock of more than one sort ...

    I hate doing what everyone else does ... so I tread another path.

    Elizabeth is the best - couldn't agree more ...

    Forgetting Millie?! I don't think she'd let you .. but good luck with the weather, and fixing all the new stuff up at your sister's and at home .. cheers Hilary

  10. Omigosh, I'm sorry about the lightning strike at your sister's house! We've had more than enough rain here and I hope it quits soon. It's raining as I type this.
    As far as trends go, it's interesting to read about them but I don't pay them a lot of attention when it comes to buying.

  11. Nice. I've always believed trends and fads were best ignored. (I mean, mullets. Need I say more?) I love that the self publishing industry has allowed so many authors to stay true to their voice and their story rather than having to bend to the whims of publishers and completely rewrite their books to conform.

  12. I stopped reading when I reached about your sister's house. So awful. And I just had a new kitchen put guessed right! Granite counter tops!

  13. We have laminate because after the flood, we couldn't afford granite. Sounds like it was a good idea anyway! But this home has dropped so much in value, it would have been a waste of money since we wouldn't have gotten the expense back when we sold.


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