Murder or Divorce

First of all if anyone from Denise Covey's Blogfest, October Ghost Story, traveled here to read my ghost story on October 31, um it was not here. EVEN though I signed up and wrote it, I couldn't edit it the way I wanted before it was due to be posted. I'm pretty sure I will post it on at JW or at The Ruralhood, at some point. TBA.  I should have waited and posted Friends and Séances, since it's a ghost story. Why didn't I? Does anyone know?  
Sorry about that.
However, a really nice thing happened with Friends and Séances. Jerry Beuterbaugh, from As the Crackerhead Crumbles, offered up The Ruralhood as a blog to visit yesterday. It's like a virtual Sunday Drive post of which I think is brilliant.

About Writing
Sometimes, I watch those news magazine—crime documentary/shows, where they tell about a crime, give evidence, offer up suspects and often show the trial and its outcome.  Have you ever noticed how there are a lot of women--wives either disappearing or found murdered?  The husband is usually the first person they look at, as a suspect. (In my house, you should look at Millie. I mean--what IF the dog did it? Does anyone ever question those sweet faces?) When I discuss these cases with Dr. Lovely Daughter she nearly always says, “Divorce her, don’t kill her!” She's talking to the husbands, not me.
After watching shows about real life murder/mysteries, I conclude that if you are going to off your wife, here are some things to consider:
      A. Do not keep five million texts on your cell phone from your lover. Not Cool!
      2. Do not take out a large insurance policy on her just before she dies or disappears. 
      D. Practice your acting skills, before you dial 911, in a mirror or on a voice recorder.
 (Remember when Buzz McAllister said that in the movie Home Alone? A., 2., D. Yes, that’s random, but I knew you’d want to know why my bullets are wacky. It’s because of Buzz McAllister.)
When I read or write a mystery, I sometimes catch myself thinking, would this even happen? If you ever doubt your story idea, whether it’s too off the wall or if he/she would do something like that, just stop what you’re doing and join Mr. Google for a “news” trip. Seemingly, normal people make wrong and criminal decisions all the time.
Where there are people, there will be crime!
Here's some help on writing it the mystery way:
How to Write a Terrific Murder Part I by Karen Woodward (2014)
15 Tips for Writing a Murder Mystery by Elizabeth Craig  (2011)
About My Son
Well it’s been five months since my 36 year old son had a stroke. I thought I should update you. THANK YOU ALL FOR CARING SO MUCH. He still has memory deficits, trouble with producing the right word and some motor skill issues, but if you didn’t know him, you wouldn’t suspect he had a brain bleed in May.
He went back to work, but has since had to modify his work hours. By the end of the workday, he was so tired that the aphasia returned. His wife had suggested going back part time, but he (or maybe the boss—I don’t know) went for fulltime.
About Millie
Millie is doing well, sometimes a brute and a bully, but mostly sweet and funny. I am working on a big dog story about her. TBA
She's still working on wearing clothing and—moving her body at the same time.
P.S. Dear Millie, I bought you a winter coat today. It's going to be a long paralyzing winter for you. (Picture to come.)


  1. Ha! The dog did it! You KNOW it would be pinned on the cat instead. My favorite new show this season is How to Get Away with Murder. Excellent stuff. You DO have some good tips there. I am writing my first mystery where I am trying to include the murderer PoV in there without giving it away... it's HARD! But what is NaNo for besides pushing the boundaries, eh?

  2. haha doesn't look happy with the clothes. Glad your son is doing well. Yeah, divorce beats jail any day.

  3. Hi Teresa ... great to have those three links about writing .. and about murders ... dear Millie is keeping you amused and that's the main thing .. and soon she'll be pleased to have her new coat on ...

    I'm sorry about your son ... but he will slowly approve, given time .. I hope he can go back to work part time ... my thoughts to you all ... Hilary

  4. I don't think I could rehearse enough to make a fake 911 call. I'm a terrible liar!

    Sounds like your son is making a strong recovery. Prayers for his continued improvement.

  5. Good to hear your son is doing so well! Every day is a step forward.
    Poor Millie...

  6. I'll check out those writing tips from Karen and Elizabeth today. Thanks for sharing them. And I think of that movie Throw Mama From the Train with Billy Crystal and Danny DeVito.

  7. I'm happy to hear your son is making progress! Millie is so darn adorable I could eat her up! <3 I watch A LOT of true crime documentaries, 20/20, Dateline and the Law & Order franchise. Talk about learning what not to do to get away with murder. lol

  8. Hey! It's been a long time! Yes, I've been back on blogging awhile now. Been moving around the country it seems too. But here in Fl for now. Hope you are well! It's always nice to see someone again!

  9. Good to hear of your son's progress.

    Divorce is a tough experience that can lead to irrational thinking, but acting out on a murder fantasy is plain wacky.

    Tossing It Out

  10. I am so sorry to hear about your son (I'm new here). My sister slammed her head on a concrete slab back in July, and it's been such a struggle for her.

    And I have to say I have never considered murdering my husband. :-)


  11. You are so right about criminals. Just when you think they can't be any stupider, they prove you wrong and do some of the most crazy things. Gotta love that Millie, she won't hurt a flea.

  12. Wow, I'll keep your tips in mind when I have to off someone. ;) I'm going to go the divorce route instead. Millie looks so funny there in the clothes on the floor.

  13. So glad your son is improving! It sounds as if he worked really hard on his recovery.

    Millie is the cutest thing! Are you making her clothes? I know how handy you are!

  14. Snapped is a good one to watch. And my boys love to wear shirts, sweaters, and coats.

  15. I am very glad your son is doing well-that has got to be so hard for everyone -I will pray for your dear son

  16. I watch a LOT of 48 Hours/Dateline and it always amazes me how stupid people are. First of all, why do they think they'd get away with it??? Although sadly, too often they do. It's surprising how often people get away with murder. But mostly I just don't get why on Earth they wouldn't just file for divorce. That's FAR easier!

    So glad your son is doing better...and isn't Millie adorable?!!!

  17. Police will tell you that most criminals are not rocket scientists -- which is why they are criminals in the first place. And Millie is cute!

  18. Oh, and if at all possible, Part Time would be the way to go for your son -- better part time now, building up to full time. But the human brain is more adaptable than you might believe. I will pray for him

  19. I'm been watching Catching Killers on Netflix, and though it is unfortunate for the victims of the crimes, it is fascinated to see how crime solving has evolved. Dogs? Who is to say that cats didn't do it, either?

    Wishing you the best for your son's recovery. :)

  20. Halloween goblins must've attacked your blog :)
    Millie is SO cute!
    And I'm happy to hear your son is doing so well. I know how happy that makes you.

  21. I'm just new to your blog, so I didn't know about your son. I'm so glad that he survived his stroke and is coming along. That's more important than just about anything! Take care, and happy writing!

  22. Adorable dog.

    I'm glad your son is doing better.

    Thank you for visiting my blog.

  23. I'm so glad to hear that your son is improving! That's great news.

  24. Oh, I sent you the audiobook of my novel, GHOST OF A CHANCE, using your blog's email address. :-)


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