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The Footprint

I am a kind person (most days), think of others (mostly), rarely curse (other than in my head) and never ever litter unless you count the supermarket receipt that escaped recently, flying out of my hand, hopping, skipping and jumping through parked cars until it got ran over by a rolling car. It didn't stop there. The receipt sprung back to life, roll away like a tumbleweed and into traffic. I let that one go because my grocery cart was parked on a hill, the wind was strangling me with my own hair and…I can’t run that fast.

Sometimes you gotta let go.
Anyways this brings me to the footprint—not the one in the sand, the footprint that we shouldn't leave behind, the ecological and global footprint. I love the earth. Never want to harm it, but who says I don’t want to leave a footprint when I die? That REALLY bothers me.  Do I want it to just disappear with me?

So if I may, I’ve decided to leave one footprint so I’ll be remembered. There will be good and bad associated with the footprint, just as I am good and bad. It will be a size eight with five toes in case you are wondering.

The Granddaughter

She’s about as perfect as they come. Perky and sweet. A talented dancer. Loves life and enjoys every single celebration we do as a family. Yesterday was her 11th birthday, but we celebrated her with a party, Friday evening.

Not too long ago, she wrote a birthday list for her aunt, Dr. Lovely Daughter. On the list she wrote that she wanted Barbie dolls and clothes, among other things.

She received many Barbie dolls. I gave her two Barbies myself and made her a few dresses. Why? Because the ones you buy are junk. (I also gifted her with a zebra butterfly chair.)

This sundress I made from fabric her great  great aunt, Belva Dugan, left behind. (BTW, this is one of the Barbies in our toy room, not one that I gave her.)

This one I made from a pillowcase that I happened to pick up at a thrift store. I have no idea why I bought a random pillowcase, except, I liked the print.

Then there's the wedding dress. Satan Satin makes me angry. Every time I made a mistake it became a part of the "new design". The last straw was when Millie grabbed it and ran. I chased and captured.

Let’s not mention the two straight pins I found in her mouth. I yelled at her like a hurricane roars, then I hugged her five times. I think there’s something wrong with my parenting skills.

The Writing
For one week solid, I typed nothing because after conferencing with an avid reader of YA, my daughter, she said I needed to get mean with my MC--give her harsh things to handle.

So I outlined again Twice in a Blue Moon, by hand. I didn't' know I could still do that--write on paper. (It now has a new title, more about that another time.) Writing with pencil (eww) helped me focus, too. None of that, OH you’re on your computer, stop typing and surf the Internet, dudette, instead of outlining your book.
The book is becoming more solid.

Lots of bad things are happening to my MC because she has a complicated life thanks to the adults in her world. Trust me when I say, it’s the adults who complicate the lives of children. (I'll probably end up hugging her five times.)
Wish I could tell you more about the storyline, but then I’d have to, you know—the killing thing.

You’ll find me Thursday, eating big, with my family and being sick that evening. Happy Thanksgiving!
May God bless you all!



  1. Hi Teresa .. love the barbie dolls and their new dresses - lucky grand-daughter I say ... and I bet she felt the Queen of the party on Friday and thoroughly enjoyed all those celebrations.

    Millie and pins - not so good .. but glad she's ok and cuddled well ... Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the good food - run it's Monday .. come Friday you won't be able to ..... Cheers Hilary

  2. Hello Teresa! As always your writing is amazing. I bet your grand daughter is quite happy! Have a Happy Monday :)

  3. Oh, I remember the doll clothes! What torture!!!

    Now I just cut out magical sock "armor" for action figures!

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  4. I love Barbie's wardrobe! You're right...the kinds of outfits that come with Barbie are *definitely* not quality.

    Sewing satin...can't even imagine it.

    Sounds like you're on the right track with your book!

  5. How sweet that you made those adorable dresses! My mom did that for me years ago and I just sent than to my granddaughter. Congrats on writing that book! I look forward to hearing more!

  6. Wonderful you consider your granddaughter your legacy and nice of you to make doll clothes for her. Even if Millie ran off with one.
    Get mean with your character!
    Have an awesome Thanksgiving, Teresa.

  7. lol Millie was just trying to be helpful. Have top get down and dirty with those characters sometimes.

  8. Wow! You see, too, for Barbies. My grandmother used to crochet clothes mine.

    And yes we adults can complicate our children's lives. Sad.

  9. I had a Barbie but I preferred the smaller Dawn dolls, and my fave was a small doll called Triki Miki, because all of her joints were articulated so that you could actually move her around and pose her. She could sit on the back of my stuffed toy horse and do all kinds of other things. She has bright red hair and during my Pippi Longstocking phase, I braided her hair so it stuck out and attempted to sew Pippi clothes for her (I was like 8 and knew nothing about sewing). Ah the 70s.....

  10. I've never had a Barbie (what does that say about my parent's parenting skills...) but I do love the outfits you made. I'm editing right now but I sure do miss writing. Hope you have a great week.

    1. PS. Can't believe you littered that receipt! ;)

  11. I have to get tough with my MCs too! I'm the biggest wimp of all - and they keep rescuing themselves and each other. *sigh*
    Enjoy your Thanksgiving - enjoy that turkey for me!!!

  12. Can't wait to read the story you are writing. Enjoyed the post about your grandaughter. Grandchildren are our gifts for raising their parents. Heard that and I agree!!! Love your writing style. It comes through in your blog as well. Hugs, Barb

  13. That's a perfect footprint to leave behind. And your daughter has a point ... our MCs need to go through tough things. You'll make it work. :)

  14. Surely this is a site well worth seeing.

  15. How awesome to have a grandmother who makes Barbie clothes! Don't worry about Millie - I have it on high authority that five hugs makes everything OK :)

  16. If your day job doesn't work out, or your writing career, you could always resort to Barbie fashion. Those dresses are impressive. But then again, so is your writing. My favorite thing in this post, though, is the five hugs. Something magical about five.

  17. Your granddaughter is so lucky to have a loving grandmother like you. As Deb said: there is a future for you in making Barbie dresses, but I don't know if Millie would survive it!

    As Carol wrote: hugs do make most things OK.

    All of us leave ripples in our wake. Some churn up the waves of life needlessly. Others dam the rapids to ease the way for those who follow.

    I think you have influenced many, many lives for the good. I always told jokes at my bookstore, especially to teenagers who seemed at their wit's end. I never knew if it helped though it seemed it did.

    When I had surgery on my face for cancer, I was scared. I was going to have to be conscious during the whole thing. When I am scared, I tell jokes. I had never seen the surgeon before and that made me even more scared.

    I was making the nurse laugh when the bearded doctor walked in. His eyes looked familiar, and he said, "Still making people laugh, Mr. Roland."

    And I knew that I had a friend operating on me -- and that what we do lingers long after our deeds. Happy Holidays!

  18. Those Barbie clothes are awesome, much more individual than shop bought outfits I'm sure your granddaughter loved them. Thanks for stopping by my blog recently.


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