IRON JOHN (and a little Millie)

My theme for the 2015 A-Z Challenge is first and last lines of favorite books and short stories. 

I is for
IRON JOHN by T. Powell Coltrin
IRON JOHN is a short-short story from my A-Z (2012) compilation titled Grim Tales from the Ruralhood. This story idea popped into my head after I heard a news story about a man who got himself stuck in quite the mess. 

First Line: "On the seventh day of a rain-filled week, Iron John saw the helicopter flying overhead as he counted cattle during his last check of the evening." 
End Line: "All law enforcement had to do was follow the screams of the man...." (Sorry, but I can't finish that sentence. It might give away the ending.)

Happy Anniversary, Millie! 

Millie a day after she came to live with me. 
Today Millie has lived with me for one year. Yes, at times it’s seemed like ten years. This morning as she rested her little face on my knee, I explained to her how grateful she should be not only because I “rescued” her from the shelter, but also for not actually pulling her razor sharp teeth, as I had threatened to do. (I even ran that idea by my vet who chuckled nervously and glanced at me side-eyed--I guess to see if I was serious.) 

Millie and her first kill. Aww.
I didn’t realize this until Dr. Lovely Daughter mentioned it, but Millie (nicknamed Poodle—don’t ask) used to have lots of brown and black hair mixed in with the white. She's more white now. I’m thinking my little Mal-Shi has grown up, OR, or I may have traded the bitey, ornery puppy for a nice dog. 
She's a dear! Really! 

“Millie, stop chewing on my leather purse!”

Happy Anniversary, Millie!


  1. Love the teaser to Iron John - and Happy Anniversary Millie. And many more of them.

  2. Great lines from Iron John! And wow...Millie really has changed! Can't believe it's been a whole year (although *you* might believe it! :) )

  3. Happy anniversary sweet little Millie. She's sooooooo adorable.

  4. Now you have me wondering about the man screaming .... Happy anniversary to Miss Millie. She gets more adorable with each photo. She has grown into a lovely lady.

  5. First line really brings the reader in. haha she still has to keep you on your toes

  6. Sweet puppy face!

    Great first line hook!


  7. Those stories you wrote for the Challenge that year were great.
    Congratulations on one year with Millie. She really did change colors, didn't she?

  8. Great stories you wrote for that challenge -- Alex is right about that. Millie will mellow with age -- or she just will wear you down!! :-)

  9. Hi Teresa .. your first and last lines (less the give away bit) are really good .. Grim Tales from the Ruralhood - so fascinating to read. Yes .. Millie's done well .. as have you .. give and take .. and so pleased Dr Lovely Daughter has her finger on the pulse .. cheers Hilary

  10. She's a cutie. Your first and last lines entice me to read the story.


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