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THE PROMISE by Chaim Potok

I will refer back to my high school English class and a required reading list. From this wonderful list, I discovered Chaim Potok. I read THE CHOSEN first and then THE PROMISE.

Both books opened my eyes to a world far different than my own and helped me understand that there was more to the world than my rural culture and Baptist religion. Exciting!

First Line: The county fair was Rachel’s idea.

End Line: Clouds, he said.


THE CHOSEN by Chaim Potok

First Line: For the first fifteen years of our lives, Danny and I lived within five blocks of each other and neither of us new the other’s existence.

Last Line: Then he turned into Lee Avenue and was gone.

And this my friends is what reading is supposed to do. Open our eyes. 

Love this author. Love these books.


  1. Thank you. Open eyes, heart and mind are SUCH a gift. And I need to explore The Chosen at least. Both the first and the last line are tempting my weak willed self.

  2. Never heard of these! They weren't part of my high school curriculum at all. Oddly enough, almost all the 'banned' books were.

  3. Hi Teresa - I'm sure I've heard of Chaim Protok - but now I know a little more .. what a great way to learn and I see The Chosen is doing exactly that teaching us to learn and acquire new wisdom .. be our own person.

    Cheers - great recommendation .. cheers Hilary

  4. The more reading can open ones eyes the better indeed

  5. I read those in college, and loved them.

  6. I seem to remember reading The Chosen in high school.


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