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THE THORN BIRDS by Colleen McCullough

When I think of The Thorn Birds, I think of family dysfunction, people to love and hate, a setting that unfolds with vivid imagery and a love affair that lasts and lasts--like the energizer bunny. A book to love.

I read this book many years ago and before the mini-series hit TV, but I will always think of the two main characters looking like Richard Chamberlain (as the priest Ralph) and Rachel Ward (as Meggie).

First Line: On December 8th, 1915, Meggie Cleary had her fourth birthday.

End Line: Still we do it. 

Doesn't tell you much, huh?


  1. Hi Teresa - this book resonated and stuck in my mind .. perhaps because of the tv series and I was of that age .. I loved it .. as you describe .. the book covered much of Australia that we knew little about ... great T book .. cheers Hilary

  2. I remember the series, although I didn't watch it.
    Be sure to stop by today, Teresa!

  3. Never read the book, seen parts of the film and know I enjoyed the music from it... I think it was Henry Mancini?

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    Which direction we are going!

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  4. I never read or saw it, but I do remember when it was on. And I saw clips and thought Richard Chamberlain was a dreamboat.

  5. Seen in on TV at my sea. Last line doesn't say much at all lol

  6. I have heard about this one but haven't read it. I know my mom likes it a lot. I'll have to check it out...

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  7. Hey, you never friended me, I feel like I've been terminated! LOL.

  8. Never read the book. I did see the miniseries years ago. I don't remember much of it though.

  9. I read this book so long ago I'd forgotten all about it. Thanks for the memories. Maybe it's time to go back and reread some of the oldies.
    Thank you for stopping by my blog.

  10. thanks for visiting my blog :) I remember reading this book years ago in my youth and falling in love with the characters. It would be interesting to read it again and see if it had the same effect on me as it did back then.


  11. That took me back! I liked both the book and the TV series but for different reasons. Thanks for reminding me - and for visiting my blog today1


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