Rain, Gardens and Millie.... Oh my!

I’ve been gone so long. I apologize, but I’ve not had much to say—blog wise, that is. I’ve been on summer vacation since the later part of June. Summer vacation means I’m supposed to catch up around the ruralhood, but the rain….

We’ve had rain. Lots of rain. How much rain? Welllll, rainy days and Mondays took on a new meaning. So much rain, that Noah called and asked if I wanted to reserve a seat on the Ark. 

For now, we have a reprieve from rain in MO, enough to mow my yard, check on the flowers and my two tomato plants. Local news reported that some areas around me received 14 inches of rain. With that much rain there’s been crazy flooding. Even in a large city like Springfield, cars were trapped under water on streets, for goodness sake. Bennett Springs State Park’s wooden bridge was closed. This isn’t unusual during high volumes of rain, but it was still closed days after the rain had stopped. There was large tree debris that had washed down  river and caught up in the trees along the banks. The rushing, dirty water didn’t stop the fisher people either. Nope. They were out, in the moving water, waders and big smiles on and fishing with determination.

Most importantly, Millie’s potty routine was thrown off. She thinks she's a delicate flower and doesn’t like squishy grass beneath her feet. 
"I will not go potty until the rain ceases!"
I’ve been working on a couple of flower gardens, in between the raindrops that is.

Here's the "stump" garden. The petunias that I planted in the stump are even prettier, since I took this photo. I need to refresh the mulch, since the rain. 

The rain created large Missouri ladybugs.
I created this from an old barbecue.
Below is the witches-circle garden. Don't ask! A running joke between my sister and myself. This is where my pool once sat. I would like to make a boardwalk through the middle, add more plantings next year, and make more whimsical things like a giant frog and maybe add a fairy garden or Gnomes or something.  

Below is what it looked like before the work. There is still much to do, but I think it looks better. 

A few months back, I had the wall between my dining room and kitchen blown out (and a new chandelier installed over the dining table). You know an “open concept”, but of course now I need new flooring. It takes me FOREVER to research and to decide anything. In this case I need to choose what is best for my bank account and lifestyle for both dining and kitchen. Walls gone is a freedom I like. I recommend it. Even my son, who NEVER likes change, loves it.

Both my kiddos had birthdays. Their cakes were fire hazzards lit up like they were. When did my kids get so old?

Of course I’m still writing, working on short stories. The one consistent thing in my life is that I write. 

That's about it.

Has it been rainy in your neck of the woods? How does your garden grow? Any house renovations? 


  1. That is a lot of rain, had a good mixture of it here, so that is nice. Millie is delicate lol my mom's weiner dog won't use squishy grass either.

  2. It looks a lot better! Clever use of that old grill.
    We've had some rain but mostly lots of heat and humidity.

  3. I have a circle of sunflowers that I want to make more whimsical. That could be my witches circle. Right now my family calls it my crop circle. lol

  4. I wish you could send the rain to the west coast. They are on fire and parched. I don't do yard work if I can help it. I like to decorate with stuff (love your ladybug!) but weeding and planting and watering etc, not so much. I kill anything that flowers anyway.

  5. Well, we have little to no garden this year. We're in a heavy drought with not a drop to spare.

  6. Love the photos of your flowers. My black thumb won't let me grow much. We've had a good bit of rain too, but now it's hot and humid. Seems like we never have perfect weather. :) Take care my friend, enjoy the rest of summer and give Millie a hug for me.

  7. A gardener's work is never, ever done - but I love the start you have made.
    Rain? Jealous thoughts. We never have enough.

  8. Rainy and now hot...we have seen a hundred four days in a row!

    Lizzy got in the water so there is hope for your princess yet!

  9. Hi Teresa - what a great change and clever use of design ... at least the rain will make the ground easier to work. Millie - I can understand her need to keep her underbelly dry and clean ... We've had a period of lots of sun - and now it's quite nice to have some rain - but I need to walk to town - so could do with it switching off!

    Take care - and I'm still away from blogging .. enjoy the garden, the time with family and friends - cheers Hilary

  10. I love the ladybug grill! And the garden. Can we send some of our dry weather your way? We were so damp over the winter that I'm confused we're so dry now! And Millie sort of looks like a delicate flower in the picture. :)

  11. The rains ended here a few days ago and now we are stuck with the heat and humidity. You know Missouri weather! :) I love your pretty gardens and that cute pic of Millie. We are trying to get back to the renovations here. So much to do and so little energy...and help. I afraid I'll be ready for a nursing home before we're ever finished. lol! Take care and enjoy your vacation!

  12. RAIN in caps. Seems every day we get a storm or at least a rain. Feel as though I'm living in a monsoon area! We've had little sun. More clouds. BUT the weather for the next fews days says we are getting sun and heat. Hope the humidity takes a rest as well. My gdaughter just finished bootcamp and AIT training at Ft. Leonard Wood. Home today. I'm on my way to give her hugs. Take care and look forward to reading some of your great stories. Barb

  13. I've missed you. Here in Louisiana, rainfall is always heavy!! My computer died, and it is NO FUN trying to use the keyboard in my Kindle Fire!!!!!!

    Your gardens are beautiful, and Millie is ... well, Millie, right? :-)

  14. I love your stump garden! The Witch's Circle will be just as gorgeous when you finish. The ladybug grill is cute. Poor Millie. We used to have a chow who was like that. I swear, he could hold it forever. Our rain fell in June. And fell and fell and fell. Not a drop since.


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