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About my Parents

My awesome parents celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary last week. They are funny people and cute. I finally realized why I’m so awesome.

About Millie

I think something happened to her at a grooming appointment. I have no evidence except for the condition she was returned to me in and the amount of time it took her to return to normal. There were other odd things, in the past, that didn’t add up, until that day. Millie is back to um—normal. You can take that as a good thing or….

A skunkossum  or punk?

Millie doesn’t understand other dogs. She doesn’t understand why they insist on smelling her butt. The only pack she wants to be a part of is mine. We’re a pack of two, I guess. However, she “thinks” she understands cats. The reality is that seventeen-year-old often-grouchy outdoor cat Kiki Dee likes Millie.

They met through glass. Their relationship advanced to sitting at the screen door, nose to nose. The next thing I know, Millie had taken the head of her decapitated giraffe, bounced it in the air, on her nose like a seal and off the glass at Kiki’s face. I don’t know, but I think, Millie was inviting Kiki to play.

Poor Millie doesn’t understand that Kiki could trim her chin hairs with one swipe and poke out her eyes for no good reason, if she felt like it.(Remember how Kiki chased me in the house and scratched my ankle, just because I took one picture of her?) Anyway, Kiki seems to like Millie and rubs against the glass and screen to prove it. The problem is that Millie thinks all cats love her, and in her yard she races with each one that passes by.

They don’t love her.

Imagine my panic when on her last potty run, the other night, actually it was almost dark, I see her staring out into the big yard. When I follow her gaze, I see a huge animal slinking along the ground with what looked like a white strip down it’s back. 

"OH NO, OH NO," I say, with panic in my voice. “Millie, get in the house.” 

Any normal dog would run to their master to please her, right? She ran the other way to get a closer look.

The animal stopped, turned toward me and took a few steps in my direction. I ran in the house to get a flashlight and shoes that I could run in and raced back outside. 

What was that? I swear it was a skunkossum or perhaps a punk, something between a possum and a skunk. I shined my waning flashlight in its eyes and watched it watch me.

This is not a big fish story. Whether a skunk or a possum, it was at least three-foot long with a pale stripe down its back. If it was a three foot possum, get your kids inside the house. If it was a three foot skunk, get your kids inside the house. Yes, it’s the same directive.

Millie got carried in the house.

Before I go, The Ruralhood has a new post. With summer nearly gone, I been thinking about how I spent summers as kid. Here’s what I came up with: Now when I was a kid…


  1. It does indeed sound as if something less than ideal happened to Millie. Sometimes I am very sad that they can't tell us - and then I remember that if Jazz could speak I am pretty certain I would have to wash his mouth out.
    I am glad that Millie is back to her normality though.

  2. Hi Teresa - congratulations to your parents on their amazing achievement and how very fortunate they are able to celebrate 60 years together ... awesome features through the family - could agree there.

    Poor Millie - hope all comes well and that the Jaguar-possum stays well away or perhaps huge over-pampered cat?! Look after one and all .. cheers Hilary

  3. Teresa, so glad Millie is back to her un-normal, normal self. She is finding some unusual friends on her outdoor breaks. A huge congratulations to your parents on their anniversary.

  4. Sounds like it was not a good spot to indeed for her. lol Millie is inquisitive, the cat would play, but chew her tail though lol

  5. Great picture of your folks!!

    Millie is a mess! I like "punk". :) Sounds like a scary thing to come across in the dark, though!

  6. Ooo. Scary punk encounter! That Millie. I wonder what happened at the groomers. Is she traumatized someone? Separation anxiety? Have you talked to them? If they seem suspicious, take her some other place.
    Happy Anniversary to your parents!

  7. Maybe you have giant, mutated skunks in your neighborhood?
    Congratulations to your parents!

  8. Happy anniversary to your parents!!! What a milestone! :D And poor Millie. Not cool, whatever happened to her. And glad you got her inside before the weird alien animal was able to do any harm.

  9. Congratulations to your parents.

    Good save on Millie. Maybe you have play dates with Millie and other cats.

    Have a great day.

  10. It's so nice to hear of people celebrating big anniversaries. So many people don't weather the ups and downs any more.

    Poor Millie, she only wants to play. Hope you don't get to see your skunkossum any more. I didn't know possums were dangerous.

  11. I'd have done same. In my neighborhood, we get raccoons. I've had to pick up both my boys and run for dear life. Them things are mean. They'll tear you to shreds.

  12. Your parents are adorable! Happy anniversary to them! And I love your Millie tales. Your skunkossum is probably a skunk... they are the ones who turn to stare at you... them and mama raccoons. We get some pretty big skunks here.

  13. 60 years of marriage is such a great accomplishment in my view of things. My father died right after my parents hit 40 years of marriage. That was pretty good.

    If my wife and I can make it until I'm about 106 then we'll have 60 years. I'm not sure that this will happen, but it would be kind of cool.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

  14. 60 years seems really long until I realize my husband and I just celebrated our 45th anniversary. Only 15 more years to go!


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