Sunday Reflection: What does the Lord require?

My son and daughter started kindergarten with reading skills. They also knew shapes and colors. I prepared them well. Maybe a little too well, but that's another story. When coloring in their coloring books, I never made them color inside the lines because I believed they should "express themselves".

Imagine my horror when my son came home from school with a note saying that he needed to practice coloring inside the lines of the picture. Teary eyed he said the teacher told him he had to color within the lines and not doing so meant he was doing it wrong.

Imagine now that I march up to the school to tell the teacher, MY child WILL color outside the lines, if he so chooses. Well I didn't do that, but I wanted to. Instead, I told my kiddo that he could color outside the lines at home, but for school lessons he needed to do what the teacher instructed. All the while, I thought these were creative differences and she was imposing rules to squelch my son's spirit. Years later, I found out that coloring within the lines helps children with their eye/hand coordination.

There was a good reason for the teacher's rule.  

“He has shown you, O mortal, what is good.
And what does the Lord require of you?
To act justly
and to love mercy
and to walk humbly with your God.”
Micah 6:8 (NIV)



  1. How fascinating. Like you, I would have thought that the rule stifled creativity. And part of me still thinks that way. There must be other ways do improve eye/hand coordination (says the klutz).

  2. I guess that's the same as staying within God's boundaries as they help us not hinder us.

  3. There is a flip side to things I suppose. Never thought of hand eye coordination

  4. Your story reminded me of that part of To Kill a Mockingbird when Scout was in tears b/c the teacher said Atticus was teaching her to read all wrong and they had to stop, and she didn't want to go back to school. Atticus struck a deal with her that if she went back to school, they'd keep right on reading.

  5. I think you and Atticus were right: stay the course within yourself while not disturbing those who cannot understand.

    That quote from Micah has always been one of my favorites. Happy Sunday, Roland

  6. I think we're naturally quite protective to anyone being "mean" to our kids, including teachers. I would probably have been the same!

  7. One of my favorite verses. But I'm still a fan of coloring outside the lines...

  8. Nothing wrong withe creativity even inside the lines.


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