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A new year’s goal is doable IF you are not fighting yourself about doing it, you know working overtime and undercover as your worst enemy. Self-Doubt rising is what it is.

With all the “real” writers around me in the blogosphere, how can I not feel discouraged, sometimes?

And by real writers, I mean those who know how to write, sell and/or collect fans who love their writing. By sell, I mean they make a bit or a lot of money and/or garner a writer reputation. By money, I mean well… you know the stuff you put in the bank so someone else can claim it?

This article from 2012 says to be careful about the “monster hiding under the desk”, and no I’m not talking about Millie this time. The monster is Self-Doubt

I hear from my monster regularly, because I feed and water him with yummy negative thoughts. Sometimes he gets quite confident, like the other morning when he said about my writing, “This is a bunch of crap.”

My heart skipped beats (in a bad way). 

All I said back to Self-Doubt was “Watch your language.” Then I used MY language and wrote a couple of brilliant sentences. And by brilliant I mean they were finger licking good.

IF I licked my fingers, which I do NOT.

I stopped the Monster of Self-Doubt that morning, but I know it’s only temporary. I re-read that article and its five tips at Writer’s Digest.com: How to Conquer Self Doubt and Just Write, but I know that tips cannot make you believe in yourself. 

The bottom line is that I want to be like my writer/blogger friends who are good enough writers to be published and who are good looking enough have their photo on the back of a book cover. 

I am determined, sort of, that in 2016 need to will send out my (edited) stories again (so that I can get rejected...again).

Monster, Monster go away. Ugh.

Yours Truly,

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  1. lol no back cover photo for me, don't need my mug there. Just let it flow, no one is the best writer ever. Best they can be is the way to be.

  2. Self doubt is a part of the process... a moving one... while I feel confident in my writing, my REwriting I feel less confident about and I am downright terrified about the whole query process. But one of the tricks is feedback, so if at any point you want to share something for feedback, I am HAPPY to give some. I am better at big picture stuff (plot holes, character consistency) than littler stuff, but the big stuff is what needs fixing first anyway.

  3. I believe the more I write, the more Self Doubt dissipates. Don't give it a chance to win! I see you are from Missouri? I've lived in this state for about 8 years now:)

  4. You are good enough! Just take action and submit.
    I lick my fingers, especially if it's a delicious sauce...

  5. Self doubt plagues all writers (and all disciplines of artists for that matter). Use it as a motivator to continually better your craft. Small improvements compounded over time will offer huge results. Happy New Year!

  6. Self-doubt is the demon within that causes us to believe that everyone else is better than we are. They're not better, they're just different. I think it's mostly a matter of motivation and initiative. At least that's how I interpret things for myself.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  7. Been battling self doubt for some time now, and it's amazing how therapeutic writing has been in that process. Good on you for facing that monster. Happy New Year! :)

  8. The first or second step is sending them again. You are way ahead of me.

    Doubt does the writing here...

  9. I have a lot of self-doubt...but I've got more stubbornness than I've got doubt. Hardheadedness can be really useful! You can do it.

  10. That monster is a pesky fiend who we all know well.
    Try and ignore his attention seeking and forge ahead with your new year plans. Lets hope 2016 is a great writing year for us both where we can make real progress with our dreams. Good luck and a happy New Year.

  11. Writers or not, I think most of us are familiar with those voices. Those very LOUD and sadly believable voices.
    You are so not alone.

  12. Keep trying. Someone once said, A winner is a loser who gave it one last try. Change it to suit yourself, but never, ever, give up.

    Anna from elements of emaginette

  13. That's my goal too, to be like other published writers. One day we'll get there. We just have to keep plugging along.

  14. By those standards I'm not a real writer. lol I may be published by I make pitiful money for it. We are all writers, regardless if we're published.

    Keep your head up and keep pushing forward.

  15. The monster of self doubt attacks me constantly with my crafting and photography. I feel like I just cannot compete with all the other crafters and photographers around here.

  16. I know what you mean, Teresa! Self-doubt can be so paralyzing. We just gotta shake it off and keep writing. Good luck sending out your writing!!

    Happy reading and writing! from Laura Marcella @ Wavy Lines

  17. Hi Teresa - well done getting yourself down to write is the main thing and then getting your submission out ... such a good idea. Self-doubt is a pain! Keep going and all will be well - Happy New Year and 2016 is ahead - cheers Hilary


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