My Valentine

I know that Valentine’s Day isn’t for a week, but this is the day I've chosen to tell you that my Grandma Sadie sent me a Valentine from heaven.

She would do that, remind me that she still loves me, but let me back up a little.

I’m cleaning again because that is who I am. Not that it's ever clean enough and you can just drop by my house unannounced. No! I still need time to make things tidy.

Last week, I culled and sorted mail from my youth. I will talk about that later, probably at The Ruralhood. I had opened and read many letters from my friend who lived in Illinois when I noticed, tucked in a corner of the envelope, a tiny Valentine. I expected to see that it was from my friend, but when I flipped it over, there was my Grandma’s handwriting.

I knew it was from her before I read the signature because she always wrote the letter u for you. Ahead of her time!
The flip side of my Valentine.

And I smiled.

My heart bubbled with love.  

Because my Grandma loved me so much, and I knew it. She told me this over and over again. She showed me, too.

Don’t forget to tell your family and friends you love them. Over and over again. Say it, then show it. This matters. 


  1. We never know when one of our letters or posts will touch a heart out of the blue, do we?

  2. Hi Teresa - what a lovely story .. those memories tucked away in our paper treasure trunk ... such a good read - yes - show everyone you love and respect them ... cheers and hugs - Hilary

  3. What a treasure to find! I bet it made your whole day!

  4. That is SO cool! Love that she sent you a Valentine reminder that she loved you. And a good reminder for me to do the same.

  5. Aw! That's so sweet. My mom used to make our Valentine's Day special when we were kids. I still have a couple of her notes saved. :)

  6. It does indeed matter. Something we too often forget.
    Thank you - and your grandmother for the reminder.

  7. How neat that you found that! Me and the kidlet are going to be filling out a few Valentines for family & friends this weekend. =)


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