IWSG: The Finish

Am I an insecure writer? Of course. Here goes.

I start a lot of stories that I either do not finish or take too much time to finish. This is unacceptable for a successful writer. Um everyone likes to read a completed story. Trust me. However, I have many reasons why I don’t finish at all or finish in a timely manner. 1) Millie needs my attention, 2) I work outside the home, 3) I’m tired, and 4) The grass is growing. But my favorite “excuse” is that I have a fantastic new story idea that I must give life to. 

The real reason? What if…what if I never come up with another story idea to write on. What if I finish one (I do have finished stories) and not be able to write another? 

The answer is, of course I will. 

This week I found an excellent post to encourage me at the Kill Zone (blog), Finish your Doggone Story! by James Scott Bell. He heard Ray Bradbury speak once about finishing the story. Bradbury had not finish an assignment, even though a deadline loomed in front of him. “Bradbury rolled out of bed one morning and looked in the mirror and cried, “I am Herman Melville!”. 

Ray Bradbury had to talk himself into believing he could do it. What? Yep!

It may take imagining that we are the best writer in the world to push us forward. Whatever it takes, go finish something!

And go read the inspiring post by James Scott Bell. I loved it. Oh and stop putting off that writing. Do both of these things right now!

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  1. Am I right in thinking perfectionism comes into play as well? Wanting that finished piece to be the very, very best it possibly can be?
    This reader is always very grateful to each and every writer to does do the hard yards. thank you.

  2. I did go read it, TPC! And it was a kick-you-in-the-tush, but fun post, just what I needed to read. So much of my writing was powered by deadlines, but now it's just me. I lost my belief in myself as a writer during some dark days in the new year, but I've finally got it back. I'll just have to imagine myself as Dan Simmons. That man cranks out amazing book after amazing book. Good luck with your writing!

  3. I LOVE starting new pieces...
    I call myself a Story Starter Specialist. As for finishing? Let's not go there...
    Happy IWSG Day!
    Writer In Transit

  4. I wish I could write....but my problem is that I can never think of how to end the story. I supposed I could just do what Stephen King does: Build up 800 pages of story and then kill everyone off in the last 10 pages.

  5. My ocd makes me finish at my sea. Some take a bit longer than others as life can get in the way

  6. I thought I only had one story in me. Then I wrote three more books. You have more in you!

  7. My post today is about how I've been working on the same ms for four years. And I'm not even close to finished. But I have written lots of stories in the meantime, so that's something. :)


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