I forgot IWSG Wednesday.

I forgot about posting last Wednesday, so my post is late.  I have my reasons like reclaiming my property back from springtime nature (I’m not winning), finishing up the school year to be on vacation and buying tile and getting a tile man here to do the job. All are stressful and exhausting. 

My Insecure Writer’s Support Group post is about being lousy at the business/marketing part of writing. In all things lucrative, you must put out effort towards the business part of it. 

I don’t have a problem with finding time to write or doing it. I write nearly every day, but where I get in trouble is that I don’t give myself deadlines or goals. I was looking for a way to make myself more accountable. Then in I saw something that author Hope Clark’s does. She calls it KEEP 13 IN PLAY. Hope keeps 13 things that she has written going out somewhere, at all times. When one comes back she pushes it out to a different market or when it's sold puts another writing out there. Any number can be used. My number will be low at first. No high expectations for this girl.

My spreadsheets will look something like this. I will chart:
  • Sheet 1: Each story, a deadline to complete drafts, get readers for them and when I want it finished. 
  • Sheet 2:  What and when I send those stories to copy editors.
  • Sheet 3: Markets and contests that I can send, too and due dates.
  • Sheet 4:  Actual dates when I send out each story or inquiry and when they come back (rejection). Okay, okay I’ll put a column in for sold. This process will certainly help me be more productive. 
I will check this document every Sunday evening to keep myself on track. 

I need to figure out what’s best for me and get it started. Goals/deadlines are something I need because…

I’m really bad at business things. I would rather write and chase butterflies when they show up to distract me.  

And speaking of distractions. Millie distracts me. 

“Do you want to play with Baby?” she woofed. “Wanna play? Huh? Huh? Huh? Play?” 

Not too long after this photo was taken, Millie ripped Baby’s gut open and ate on ¼ of her stuffing. 

Oh, Millie!

Helpful articles: Here’s a great article by Hope Clark at The Write Life, Make a Living as a Writer: A Simple Strategy That Works. Read at Write Naked how hope works on Keep 13 in Play 


  1. Good luck.
    From this reader's perspective it seems so unfair that a writer has to market as well. I have learned it is true, but it seems like a sad use of a writer's talents just the same.

  2. Hi Teresa - I'm trying to get ahead of myself with writing ... but as you say other things take over. and Oh Millie! then the mess to clear up ... still she entertains and is much loved ... take care and have a good week - with the tiling and nature ... Hilary

  3. Thirteen? That would be twelve more things than I have written at any given time.
    If it keeps you accountable and moving forward, that's good though.
    And you may have to sign back up on the list. Sorry...

  4. I have to keep a list going at all times as I do much better when I have deadlines (a journalist thing I guess). Millie is a lovely distraction. Good luck with reclaiming your property and with the tile.

  5. Millie is incorrigible! And adorable.

    This sounds like a great way to stay organized and focused on sending out work!

  6. Hope it works for you. I, too, am terrible at the business part of writing. It overwhelms me.

  7. Millie is a very adorable distraction :)

  8. Millie is sooooo cute I could die. lol For me, I'm bad at the business of selling my crafts. I love to make stuff but I have no interest in the minutiae of marketing.

  9. I just stay ahead then I can procrastinate away and no one knows the difference haha not that I procrastinate much, but a little here and there. Millie found a way to play.

  10. Writing and chasing butterflies is so preferable to spreadsheets. I'm with you.

  11. I am so bad at marketing. Not that I don't try, but nothing seems to stick. Sigh. Thanks for visiting my blog today. And don't feel bad about last Wednesday -- I nearly forgot it myself!

  12. I am getting a little better at marketing. I made a simple plan at the beginning of the year and have committed to sticking to it.


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