Millie and Dr. Phil

Now that I’m officially on summer break, I’m hoping to get back to posting regularly once again. I've been super busy. 

I just finished a home project that I did not do myself. However, it was stressful and exhausting, and that was just Millie’s take on the matter. For once she wasn't exaggerating. 

First, I had to find “The Man”, agree to pay him a bunch of money, choose tiles, order them, move furniture and dishes out of the kitchen/dining room and remove stuff from three bathrooms. My kiddos helped, when I let them. 

Millie didn't offered to help, not even once.

I worked the first three days “The Man” was doing the job. The other three? I shopped one day, hung out in my bedroom an entire day and the other I spent in a spare bedroom. 

Poor little Millie was shuffled around, too. She didn’t appreciate any of it, not the noise or the limitations I put on her. 

She was a bit sad and angry at me, sassing with her doggy talk and applying other bad behaviors. I just sighed and said, "It's not forever." Apparently, she decided to take matters into her own hands. 

This appeared on FB about Millie: 

Millie didn’t like the six days of intrusion when her human mommy invited a stranger into HER home to redo HER floors with tile. Millie fought back by throwing fits in the middle of said floors, body slamming her mommy on a regular basis, participating in a hunger strike, barking her deep big dog bark at the man who only wanted to be friends and chewing on her mom’s hands. When all else failed and her feelings appeared not to be considered, she watched Dr. Phil for therapy ideas on how to change her mommy.”  

We have our home back. 

And Millie can once again lay around uninterrupted. It's important to her, sleeping 20 out of 24 hours. 

I've missed you all so much!!! What's been your summer fun or aggravation? 


  1. Hee, Poor Millie! Glad things are back to normal for her. We're going to be renovating our bathroom next week, ulp. =/

  2. It's nice to get home improvements done, but there is that hassle to deal with while it's happening. We had our front porch tiled and it looks so much better. After our vacation we'll be doing some more stuff, but I don't think it will be overly intrusive to our lifestyle.

    A recent heart scare resulted in my having a stent put in, but the cardiologist said I'm in great shape now and not to let that stop me from taking our annual epic road trip. This year we plan to cross Canada on our way to New Jersey. Fun begins in 2 weeks!

    So glad to see you back. I'd been wondering about your absence.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  3. Home improvements are a pain. Sorry it took the guy so long to finish. Hope you found a marathon of Dr. Phil for Millie to watch.

  4. Poor Millie. It is a big pain in the rump getting it done, but so much better when it is.

  5. Millie is now my role model. I plan to use her strategy the rest of the summer. What time does Dr. Phil come on?

  6. Very good post. Loved. Millie is a charmer and I'm glad she was able to get her feelings out about the ordeal. I've been dealing with dizzy inner ear probs as result from sinus, my own diagnosis! I have a rx that helps but not entirely. I'm very near the end of my WIP - novel SWEET BABY JAMES. Excited. Hugs to you. Look forward to reading more of your posts. B

  7. So far the month of June has sucked out loud. I'm hoping things are going to get better but OF COURSE our modem decides to quit. I swear.

  8. Sigh. Our cats loathe and detest strangers. And if I invite them into the house I pay. Inappropriate piddling. Copious inappropriate piddling.
    Welcome back. I hope you and Millie are loving your new floors (and your peace).

  9. I haven't blogged at my space for a couple of weeks. Been drafting a book that has to be finished by the end of August.

  10. Me and Millie have the same idea of a great day! Did Dr. Phil give her any good ideas? :-)

  11. Millie could be autistic...we don't like change.

  12. Are you sure Millie didn't help? Maybe she was offering moral support--or resting for you vicariously. ;) I've been writing this summer. I mean, what else are we supposed to do, eh? Oh, and you deserve some cheese after all that hard work.


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