Five Good Reasons for Retiring

As I grow older, I think about retirement probably due in part to my school-work friends dropping like flies (retiring) in their 50s, if they so wish.
Here are {my} five reasons for considering retirement at some point:
5. Kids make me sick! I know, I know, this seems like a harsh statement. I love our students with all my heart, but the older I get, the sicker they make me. Each year their germs seem to be more powerful than the year before. I do everything I can to prevent school shared illnesses short of a garlic necklace. Last year, I had the flu twice in a month’s time. Not cool, Man!

4. Tired! I am tired of working. Actually, this is not the best reason since I was tired of working a year after I started my job at the school, and this is my 27th year, but the reason is real.

3. Cursive! Schools are no longer teaching kids how to write the cursive way. I mean how long will I be able to communicate with the younger generations?

2. Writing! I would have time to write all day if I wanted. I could and write all night, too. Think about it and... get excited.

And the number one reason why I should consider retirement:

1. Because it's just about time! Yep. Twenty-seven years with my beloved school district is a bunch of years! 

My goal is thirty years. Will I make it? dun dun dun. I hope so.


P.S. I have reasons why I should not retire, but I don't like those reasons. :)



  1. As Danny Glover said in Lethal Weapon II, I'm getting too old for this... Well, you know what he said.
    Three years, or sooner! Mine's still a few years away, but I will be ready for it.
    And kids do make you sick! All my friends with kids are sick all the time. We have no kids so I'm never sick. That should tell you something.

  2. All 5 applied to me. When students had flu and were dropping, I would always get ready for a sub, because I knew I could be next.

    I always taught cursive, despite the claims that it was not needed anymore.

    When my gr-daughters came along, I decided I would invest time and love in them. No regrets.

  3. Kids sure are germy little turds that make you sick too. Good enough reason to retire right there.

  4. After he retired my father told me he didn't know how he ever found time to work. At the time I sneered. I now know better.
    Good luck.

  5. I hope your school appreciates all those years of service you have given. When you are ready to move on, more adventures will await you.

  6. Love it! I bet you’ll make 30 and still be smiling!

  7. I read this post with great interest, Teresa. I had a twenty-five year run as an elementary teacher, although I didn't begin teaching until I was thirty-seven.

    I agree with the first four reasons you stated. I was constantly sick and tired, in spite of washing my hands constantly and washing my desk and teaching table with bleach frequently. And don't get me started on cursive. I taught cursive practically until my last day of teaching, especially because of how it helped my special needs students, and if I had grandchildren I'd be teaching them. Of course, I dreamed of the free time I could devote to writing when I retired.

    As for the fifth reason, I've always heard that you know when you're ready. I was not ready, and I was forced to retire for health reasons. After I had seven hospital stays and several blood transfusions, my sister-in-law sat me down and told me she was worried about me and I should retire. I wasn't listening to my husband or my family, but my sister-in-law who never meddled in our affairs was the one that got through to me.

    I have never looked back once! I love being retired, and I highly recommend it. Life is short, and I have found that retirement is every bit as busy as my working years. I'm having a whole lot of fun with writing and other pursuits.

    When the moment truly feels right, you should go for it, 30 years or not. When you do, I'm sure you'll be missed, but the writing world will be happier! Take care!

  8. Hi Teresa .. you'll do it when you're ready - you are thinking about it ... so that day may come any year soon ... take care and just make sure those very nasty bugs don't get you ... cheers Hilary

  9. I bet you would miss those kids though... but maybe not their germs.

  10. I think about retirement quite a lot these days too, but don't think it will happen for a while. We had a huge number of co-workers retire a year ago due to a very nice retirement incentive, and I sure do miss many of my friends!

  11. I don't miss the germs, but I do miss the classroom sometimes. When I do, I sub.
    Then, I remember why I retired.
    (1) Energy levels just aren't up to handling kids all day, every day. Even in high school, kids need a lot of hands-on attention.
    (2) Time to heal. Any time I got an injury, I failed to take the time needed to heal properly. Too much trouble to prepare for a sub.
    (3) I left because my patience was becoming more frayed. I left BEFORE I didn't want to go to work. I left BEFORE I started to hate my job.


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