In the beginning, I blogged...

One of the first pics of me that I put 
on my blog.
I always miss mentioning my July blogversary. This year, I remembered! Journaling Woman is nine years old.

By the time I got around to blogging in 2009, my sister and daughter had dogged encouraged me into blogging. Finally, I joined my dad, sister and daughter and wrote my first post in July of 2009. My first post was kind of lame, but it was mine. There were no comments. 

Here's a couple of snippets:

I rambled about my hair. "I have always been a driven fool when I work outside or inside for that matter. I am fair skinned, as they used to say. My parents included one darker skin parent and the other red haired fair skinned. Although I tan really well, I inherited the fair skin and reddish hair. I had reddish hair in high school, even though my mother says she didn't see much red in my hair. It's there. I  don’t think my hair is reddish any longer, but who would know, I haven’t seen my natural color since 2004."

Also, I talked about the signs of heat exhaustion, "Anyhoo, being outside in the heat is exhausting. Today I read a blurb in Woman’s World August 10, 2009 issue about avoiding a heat stroke and the danger signs of. Let’s see if the other day, when I was finishing a project out of doors, if I actually should have come in the house earlier: Here is the checklist: Warning Signs of Heat Stroke by Woman's World Magazine 1. Skin that is hot or red (Yes indeedy) 2. Abdominal and or muscle cramps (ditto) 3. Heavy sweating or lack of sweating (Does washing down over my and saturating my top count?) 4. Headache (Yep) 5. Dizziness or nausea (Uh huh) So there you have I was overheating. If this happens, the sidebar read, you must “Seek emergency help. . . .” My thoughts to prevent this are: • Don’t pick the hottest day of the year to work or play outside. • Drink Drink Drink – water – prior and after • Work in the shade • Wear a hat or a cap– There are cool hats to wear out there –yes there are. • Wear sunscreen – doesn’t help keep you cool or hydrated but is essential."

I ended it, "That’s all I can think of, but I am sure there are others. So stay out of the heat!!

I felt super exposed writing my thoughts online, but wanted to post again.  

The best part of blogging is that I fell in love with you all, people I only know online and mostly writers, but there are others.  I've learned a bunch from writers who sell their work and feel encouraged by everyone else. I'm a member of a great community of bloggers and feel grateful to know you all and to read your blog posts. Some bloggers have  stopped blogging for whatever reasons, and some have died. I miss those who no longer blog.

That's it for today, my blogversary! Nine years later, I'm still rambling about nothing. Keep blogging!



  1. Happy anniversary! My first post was really lame. (I'll also hit nine years of blogging later this year.) And it is all the connections that have mattered.

  2. Happy bloggy-versary!!! I think I started around that time as well. I've learned so much from our amazing online writers' community & made so many amazing friends. I hope you blog for many more years to come!

  3. Congratulations Teresa ... I must have met you soon after we both started blogging 'years ago'!! Great that you've introduced us to your life and news ... love the rambling tales - i.e. your back story ...
    As you say it's the friends we meet along the blogging journey - cheers Hilary

  4. Congratulations to you! You started blogging a month before I did. And a good reminder to do my yard work after the sun goes down tonight, ha!

    I miss those who have stopped blogging, too. So glad that you're still writing!

  5. Happy blogoversary. My introverted self found a home here, and has been so grateful for the very real friendships I have made. Friends I may never meet in person, but friends just the same. I am so very grateful.

  6. Happy Blogoversary. Yeah, my first post was lame. At least you gave all a what not to do to avoid heat stroke haha


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