In Plain Sight

Millie was hiding in plain sight.

Millie didn't like the July 4th fireworks. After five days she believed it was over, the noise, but our neighbors hosted family and bam bam. 

Millie searched for a place to hide and ended up in the grandkids "toy" room in a furry chair. She did blend well, but I found Waldo Millie and took pictures.

I'll be back Wednesday with a post for the IWSG. Join me then when I talk about the stuff of writing.

Until then, if you are not caught up with my stories at The Ruralhood there is:

Laura Ingalls Wilder Gravesite


  1. Millie hides well. Which reminds me of a cat who pretended (often successfully) to be a piece of black velvet.

  2. There are still a few fireworks in our neighborhood too.

    I could just eat Millie up! She's adorable.

  3. Hi Teresa - poor Millie ... I know SIL takes her dog off when they have fireworks at home ... and I have to admit I dislike loud bangs ... but love fireworks ... and Millie - take care and cheers Hilary

  4. Hopefully the fireworks stop and she can have fun once more. She sure tried to blend in indeed.


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