I am not a resting kind of person, and yet, long periods of rest between normal activities have become a part of my daily process so that I can move onto something else. As I planned to wait for a doctor's appointment, I thought about what to bring with me to occupy my racing mind.

Should I take a story idea or two and outline? (This one is fun for me.) Should I take a “finished” story that I’m editing for the umpteenth time to work on? (This one is agony for me.) Should I take my iPad and run through the fields of internet aimlessly? (Total waste of time.) I could take them all—just in case I changed my mind from the decision I made earlier.

Sadly, I cannot just sit still and enjoy doing nothing. I wish I were more like this. Also, spontaneous isn’t in my DNA dictionary or the word relaxation. This is who I am.

I am definitely my dad’s child. He was like this.

I’m a planner. I make lists to keep on task. As for my stories, I mostly write outlines to get me from point A to B.

This is why (I suspect) that I’m never bored because I plan to have something to occupy my mind at all times.

I know this is a rambling post of random thoughts, but this is me. It is who I am. And I’ve accepted it.  

Have a great day!



  1. I used to be able to just do nothing, but the older I get, the more I need to feel productive. Darn it!

  2. Hi Teresa - I need something to do ... yet taking time out and thus switching off is good - I often think I'll be productive while I wait ... but find I can't concentrate ... so usually pick up one of their magazines to flip through, read odds and ends ... it's relaxing and doesn't disrupt my thoughts for the future. I never read mags in the normal course of life ... hope the docs went ok - cheers and have a good week - Hilary

  3. I always have a book with me. Books swallow a lot of my day(s). For which I feel very little guilt.

  4. I like the idea of doing a story outline while waiting for your appointment. You can't really escape then unless you scroll endlessly on your phone. I like to read, if I don't have a book with me, there's always the kindle app on the phone. And of course, catch up with friends and family but you can't really talk in a crowded waiting room. Loved your post.

  5. I'm kind of the same, but I can wait for a fairly long time without anything to do but think. Sometimes I've brought a book but I tend to forget most of the time.

    I've been catnapping a few times a day. Rarely over 15 minutes, still it can be energizing for a couple of hours before next nap.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  6. I'm fortunate that I can sit still at times and do nothing but even then I usually have my notebook on my lap and a pen in my hand because I intend to write but accept that I just want to be lazy. lol

  7. I can do nothing for maybe 10 minutes, then after that, nope. But never bored at my sea, always something to do.


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